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Rihanna’s alleged stalker’s behavior has taken a very disturbing turn

Being a celebrity is not all glitz and glamour, and Rihanna is finding out there is a very ugly side to fame.

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According to TMZ, Rihanna has an alleged stalker, and his latest actions are not only disturbing but seriously disgusting — he reportedly sent her a masturbation video.

The unnamed man has been harassing Rihanna for quite some time, and according to a search warrant obtained by the gossip site, the bizarre behavior started with threatening tweets between April and June 2015, some of which included threats on Rihanna’s life.

“Should have killed @rihanna a minute back I would be good right now,” the man reportedly wrote, as well as, “I use guns, bout to get a gun license.” Yikes.

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But some may feel these tweets are mild in comparison to the actions that came next because the man reportedly posted a 15-second masturbation video to Rihanna. He also posted a photo of himself outside her house, along with the caption, “Outside yo house.”

Unsurprisingly, Rihanna reportedly has fears for her safety. But she may be able to rest easier now because cops have reportedly found the man in question and placed him in a psychiatric hospital, where he remains.

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For Rihanna’s part, despite any fears she may have, she has continued to diligently promote her latest album Anti on social media (giving no hint of the drama that is unfolding in her personal life).

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