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Chicago Fire‘s Chili and Brett continue on their downward spiral (VIDEO)

Over the past few episodes of Chicago Fire, fans have watched as Brett and Chili’s relationship has started to dwindle. Now that Chili is acting out both personally and professionally, which is obviously her way of coping with the death of her sister, things are quickly going from bad to worse for the EMTs. Well, based on this exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday’s episode, Brett and Chili still aren’t meeting eye to eye.

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In the clip, Brett storms over to Chili and yells at her. It’s rare to see Brett so angry, which means she is clearly very upset over something her partner did. Brett says, “Who the hell do you think you are? After everything I’ve done, all the times I’ve stood up for you. What? You have the balls to pretend that you haven’t just stabbed me in the back?” How exactly did Chili stab Brett in the back?

Per typical Chili, she acts all nonchalant about it and blames Brett for “gossiping” about her. If that isn’t bad enough, Boden and Casey walk in during the middle of their argument. Chili then looks at Boden and asks, “She’s the one you’re protecting?”

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Chili had better watch her back, because Boden already gave her two strikes, meaning she might not have a job sooner rather than later. As for Brett and Chili’s relationship? Well, things aren’t looking good in that department, either.

With that, check out the sneak peek here and wait for what appears to be another drama-filled episode.

Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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