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Giuliana Rancic makes self-deprecating comments at the SAG Awards

By now we’re used to hearing the negative, unnecessary comments about Giuliana Rancic’s appearance on the red carpet, but this year’s SAG awards proved that Rancic might be taking some of those comments to heart.

Everyone knows that women tend to put themselves down for any number of asinine reasons that would take too long to list here. We all have insecurities, and sometimes they get the best of us. But hearing Giuliana Rancic, who’s been viciously attacked for her personal appearance in the past, talk negatively about herself was saddening.

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Near the beginning of her red carpet coverage, Rancic caught a glimpse of herself in a close-up while she was talking about her earrings and instead of seeing the beautiful jewelry, she noticed a wrinkle near her eye.

She said, “As I’m looking at this close up… [pointing to her eye] no Botox there… no Botox there people, au naturel.” Rancic was clearly mocking the fact that she thought she looked old or bad or not beautiful. You would have never noticed the small little line had she not pointed it out. Was she thinking in the back of her mind that people were going to point it out, so she might as well mention it? Maybe she subliminally thought, “Every little flaw will be picked apart online so… might as well not be happy with the way I look?”

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It wasn’t until she was chatting with Idris Elba that I noticed this self-loathing theme when it came to the way she was treating herself on the carpet. While they were talking about how Elba has been nominated for three major awards (Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries, Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for Beasts of No Nation, Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role), he mentioned how it made him feel “sexy.”

He said, “I mean, it’s nice to be described as sexy, isn’t it?”

Rancic offhandedly replied, “I wouldn’t know.” Ouch.

Elba politely disagreed, saying, “Give me a break, come on,” but you can’t help but then start to feel sorry for Rancic as you realize that she might be trying to downplay the Internet negativity by heading it off at the pass and just bashing herself on camera.

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Maybe I’m reading too much into a few comments, but when the Internet has been such an ugly place towards one person, such as Rancic, it’s hard not to let your thoughts go there. Rancic even skipped out on the SAG Awards last year, and many speculated it was due to the cruel skinny-shaming she endured at the Golden Globes.

Do you think Rancic’s self-deprecating talk shows she’s taking the Internet hate to heart?

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Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Turner

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