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Shark Tank gets cocky with strange, overpriced products

Overpriced products are nothing new on Shark Tank, but usually, there’s only one super-expensive product per evening. Tonight, however, two entrepreneurs presented items for which cost was a prohibitive factor. 

The first overpriced item of the night was a backpack from CO.alition. This isn’t any old backpack, however: It can be used to charge mobile devices on the go. Unfortunately, the ability to charge smart phones comes at a price, as CO.alition’s backpacks range from $180 all the way up to a jaw-dropping $600.

Shark Tank Backpack
Image: ABC

The backpack is a pretty cool product, as nobody likes hunting for outlets when their devices run out of juice. However, most smart phone users would much rather wait a little longer to post that selfie on Instagram than spend hundreds of dollars for a mere backpack. Apart from the ability to juice up mobile devices, there was little to set this apart from the average bag.

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The CO.alition backpack was not the only overpriced item of the night. The next product was just as spendy and arguably even less practical. Dave Yonce, Jason Shackelford and Andrew Jenkins were clearly very proud of the portable air conditioner known as IcyBreeze, and with good reason — it’s an admittedly cool concept. However, like the CO.alition backpack, it’s prohibitively expensive. The Sharks were clearly taken aback when the entrepreneurs admitted that consumers would have to pay $349 to get their hands on portable air conditioning.

Shark Tank IcyBreeze
Image: ABC

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Although each Shark has a very impressive net worth, they all remain surprisingly in touch with what the average consumer is willing to pay for a given product. The Sharks recognize that most people cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on portable air conditioners or fancy backpacks. Twitter users clearly agree, as several spoke out about the costly nature of tonight’s items. Although a few viewers expressed mild interest in the featured items, most agreed that the price tag was way too high.

Several concerns beyond price were brought up during tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, but ultimately, the cost of the CO.alition backpack and IcyBreeze portable air conditioner attracted the most attention. Hopefully, somebody will someday come up with a similar backpack or air conditioner that’s reasonably affordable. Until then, be prepared to plug your phone into the wall and huddle by your stationary air conditioner.

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Would you spend hundreds of dollars on a portable air conditioner or a backpack that charges mobile devices? Comment and share your opinion below!

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