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Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood gets proof of fiancé’s scary shady past

Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood might actually not know everything about her fiancé, according to Gary Shirley. 

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Teen Mom
Image: MTV

On Monday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, we learned that, apparently, Amber has a policy of not getting out of her car when she goes to drop off Leah at Gary’s house. This week, though, Gary managed to get her to leave the safety of her vehicle and come up to the porch of his house by telling her he had something for her. (You don’t want it, Amber.) On the porch, he showed her a piece of paper he’d printed out with information on it about Amber’s fiancé Matt, his seven kids, their five moms and the outstanding child support he owes. Earlier in the episode, we saw Gary spelunking for this information about Matt and then showing it to his lawyer, who thought he should present it to Amber. Needless to say, Amber got extremely upset, not just because of the seven kids thing, but also because it all happened on camera.

Matt didn’t exactly deny the seven kids. He got really quiet on the ride back to Amber’s (see below) and then accused Gary of dredging up the whole thing because he feels threatened by Matt in regard to the custody arrangement that Amber’s currently trying to change. Later, he threw what might be described as a hissy fit in front of the producers and threatened to go “medieval on (Gary’s) fat ass.” By the end of the episode, Amber was crying and Matt was sitting on the couch beside her, stoically petting a small dog.

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Unless Gary fully doctored the information he found online — and got it past his lawyer — it looks really bad for Matt, whose behavior at the end of Monday’s episode seemed to indicate he’d been caught, especially all the yelling and the part where he threw the producers out of his “house.” (Dude, it’s totally not your house.) 

On Twitter, fans seemed to either be upset at Gary for digging up drama or in agreement that Matt is an extremely sketchy human and Amber should run.

Amber has dealt with so much, it would be awful to see her in a relationship with someone who has been lying to her this whole time and might even be using her for her access to money and fame. And it definitely will not help her in her case for shared custody of Leah to be with a person who owes all that child support. Now would be a great time for Amber’s support networks to show up and stick around.

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Do you think Amber settled for Matt? Should she break up with him? Why did Gary dig up this information in the first place? Should he have told her about it in front of the cameras?

Image: MTV

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