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Tori Spelling feels guilty for exploiting her husband’s affair

Tori Spelling has lived much of her life in the public eye, but she made the decision to share even the intimate details about her life with fans when she opted to partake in reality TV shows.

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Spelling’s marriage to husband Dean McDermott took a knock after he revealed he had cheated on her in 2013; and the following year, all the heartache, the drama and the tears played out on their reality TV show True Tori — for the entire world to see.

In the latest issue of Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter, Spelling opened up about reality TV and how it has not only changed her life, but also her relationship with McDermott.

So, why did she decide to discuss McDermott’s affair on True Tori?

“It was weird because I felt backed into a corner, like I didn’t have a choice. Everything about me was stripped away with one magazine cover. That was it. It was that Us Weekly cover,” she said, speaking of the cover that announced the story of McDermott’s affair with much younger woman, Emily Goodhand.

She continued, “Then when it came out, I didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t going away. Everyone said, ‘This happens all the time. Look at all the A-list celebrities. They used to complain about it. Then they go on and do a big movie and it just goes away.’ That’s not my life. That’s not my relationship with my fans. I’m not the type that can just go from talking about everything and then it’s like, ‘No personal questions,’ the next time I do something.”

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Despite the fact that her relationship was crumbling, Spelling decided to go ahead and film the show.

“This was affecting me on many levels, not just the personal level. This is my career; this is, I hate saying it, my brand,” she confessed. “All the lines blurred at that point. I obviously ran it by Dean, and if he had been adamant that he didn’t want to do it, I would not have done it. I would have respected that. He just said, ‘Do what you have to do.’ I said, ‘Will you be a part of it?’ He was at that point where he just was at the lowest point. He was in rehab, and he was just like, ‘I f***ed up. I’ll do whatever I have to do to maintain our relationship.’

“It obviously became something that he was like, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore,’ but at first, he said, ‘Yes, that’s fine with me.'”

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Reality TV also affected McDermott’s acting career — and this is something Spelling admits to feeling guilt over.

“If he’s gotten such a bad rap with the reality thing, I feel like I tied him into that world, and I feel guilty,” Spelling said. “All of a sudden, he became Mr. Tori Spelling, and it makes me sad because I don’t know what would have happened for him.”

Do you think Tori Spelling was wrong for letting her marriage drama play out on air? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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