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5 reasons Top Chef‘s Restaurant Wars has already been dubbed a disaster

On Top Chef, it’s the first half of Restaurant Wars, and already, things are not going well.

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It’s the much-anticipated Restaurant Wars episode of Top Chef, in which the remaining chefs team up to compete against each other via restaurants they conceptualize and then execute. This season, Restaurant Wars is different — the teams have to do lunch and dinner service, so there are two parts to the episode, and we won’t know the winner or who’s off to Last Chance Kitchen until next week. Restaurant Wars is always dramatic — it’s probably the most stressful of all the eliminations, and there are a million things that could go wrong, and so far, that’s exactly what’s happening. On Twitter, fans are wondering if this is the worst edition of Restaurant Wars ever. Here’s why.

1. Attitudes

Kwame and Jeremy get testy about a dearth of bacon. Jeremy and Phillip can’t deal with each other. Marjorie and Carl butt heads in Whole Foods because she likes an organized shopping list and Carl would like to keep talking. Marjorie doesn’t want to make “clunky food” and keeps shooting down Isaac’s ideas. This all happened before cooking even started, so already, it didn’t look promising for people working together.

2. Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy

Jeremy is not the best general manager of a Restaurant Wars establishment. Not only can he and Phillip not figure out how to work with one another, he seems to have overlooked the fact that Restaurant Wars is as much about smooth logistics as it is about delicious food, so you can’t decide to serve the judges and pretend that the rest of the place doesn’t exist.

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3. About the food…

The judges were big fans of Karen’s salad, but not so much of the chicken by Amar or Phillip’s salmon situation. At the end of lunch, they agreed that they were hoping for more out of dinner, since it seemed like the cheftestants were more about getting the food out than they were about sending out amazing food. Whoops.

4. Are you going to leave that table? Ever?

There was a snafu at Palate (Marjorie, Karen, Isaac and Carl’s restaurant) when it became clear that people were planning on lingering at their tables and not so much leaving, so there was a huge line of folks waiting to be seated which did not make Marjorie happy. She eventually got them to leave by offering them champagne but, given the fact that those comment cards exist, who knows how that will end up looking for the restaurant/team.

5. Lunch is over! Except not really!

Jeremy’s brilliant plan to prioritize the judges above all else spectacularly backfired when lunch service ended and there were still six tickets waiting to be filled. In other words, people were waiting 20 to 30 minutes for food, and serving them was definitely going to result in a delay of dinner prep (in addition to han-gry customers). Yikes, team.

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Who are you rooting for in Restaurant Wars? Do you think this is the worst Restaurant Wars you’ve ever seen? Which team will win?

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