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Mob Wives sit-down only leads to a new feud between the ladies

Last week, the Mob Wives ladies sat down to hash out their issues. You might have thought you knew how things would turn out, but you were wrong. 

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When we last left the delicate damsels on Mob Wives, they were sitting down to talk in a not at all sketchy warehouse to deal with their issues. Big Ang convened the crew, who’s been arguing since the beginning of the season (or, one might argue convincingly, the beginning of time) about Drita, even though she’s never actually been in the room while it’s happening. I made some predictions, based on my obsessive viewing of this show, about how this sit-down might go and, man, was I wrong.

I had zero faith in the ability of anyone at the table to rectify anything. Things didn’t start out promisingly — there was yelling, but no one punched anyone and, surprisingly, the ladies left the basement agreeing to move forward and not talk behind each other’s backs anymore, and there were actually apologies and admissions of wrongdoing. It was like watching a totally different show. It is the last season, though, so maybe with that in mind, the producers decided to let things be peaceful for a minute. On the other hand, there is quite a bit of the season left and a lot that went undiscussed at the sit-down, so this peace, if we’re calling it that, is probably not a lasting one.

Twitter was a combination of optimistic and skeptical.

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Newcomer Marissa Jade was present at the sit-down, but the other new member of the cast, Brittany Fogarty, wasn’t. And while it seems like the air is clear between the original cast, it so is not between Brittany and Marissa, who basically hated each other the second that they met. It was Karen who brought Brittany into the group, and Renee who brought Marissa, and now the two are fighting each other — the physical fight began at the end of Wednesday’s new episode. It helps not at all that Drita and Brittany are friends and Drita has been reporting to Brittany what Marissa’s been saying about her, and that Big Ang did the same thing the day after the sit-down at the aforementioned Lunch Without Drita. It’s been a disaster since day one between these two, when they accompanied Ang, Carla, Karen and Renee to the Hamptons and Marissa called Brittany a lush (Brittany was not familiar with the term, but then got really mad afterward). It’s not the original cast fighting, for now, but it wouldn’t be Mob Wives without screaming and cussing, threats of violence and the occasional follow-through, so… here we are again.

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Were you surprised at the results of the sit-down? Do you think the peace is for real or just for now? Who are you rooting for in the conflict between Brittany and Marissa?

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