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Will RHOP‘s Katie Rost ruin her engagement by trying too hard?

On The Real Housewives of Potomac, Katie Rost isn’t subtle about wanting to marry her boyfriend, and fans are not into it. 

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Katie Rost would like to get married, and she is not in the least bit interested in subtlety. On Sunday’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, there was barely a moment of Rost’s screen time that wasn’t spent making reference to marriage in some capacity: asking to see other people’s engagement rings (and then saying to boyfriend Andrew Martin, “Now you know what I like!”), inquiring as to how she should introduce Andrew to other people (not as her fiancé, because they aren’t engaged), and, when people asked her her last name, telling them it’s Rost, and then saying pointedly to Andrew, “because it’s not Martin yet.” At the end of the episode, Katie confronted Andrew about wanting to be married, for what I imagine is likely the 800th time in the year and a half they’ve been dating. His response: If you weren’t so annoying about it, we would have been engaged a long time ago. Yikes.

Watching Katie actively pine for a ring was not enjoyable. In fact, the word “excruciating” would be applicable, and fans on Twitter were similarly inclined.

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On Twitter, in addition to the folks who were just tired of watching the whole mess, there were those who were pretty sure they knew what was going on with Andrew.

Earlier in the episode, when Katie and Andrew were at a very fancy function (the same function where she did engagement ring research), she said that, in the circles in which she run, being an unmarried couple isn’t looked upon favorably. If she wanted to continue to hustle effectively for the Rost Foundation, being married would be optimal. There’s also the matter of her three kids (under the age of four?), who have been hanging out with Andrew for a long time and cannot be easy to manage alone. Katie’s not “simply” groveling for a ring here — it does seem like there’s more at stake, and of course we don’t know anything that’s happened off-camera between these two. They might have had many conversations about getting engaged and this hoopla is just for the camera, but either way, Katie, please stop. Nobody has to get married and this is not a good look for anyone, let alone someone who appears to be super confident and in charge of her life.

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What did you think of Katie’s behavior towards Andrew? Do you think they’ll get married?

Image: Bravo

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