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Wendy Williams weighs in on Kanye West’s feud with harsh comments about Kim

Wendy Williams has never been one to hold back, and she recently let Kanye West have it.

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West and fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa have been engaged in a heated Twitter feud, which saw West take aim at ex-girlfriend (and Khalifa’s ex-wife and baby mama) Amber Rose, mocking her for being a stripper and saying she “trapped” Khalifa.

We don’t need to go into why this is wrong on so many levels, but during a recent segment of Williams’ show, she decided she needed to make her thoughts on the situation clear — and she thinks West is a major hypocrite.

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“The idea that he’s going after Wiz like this is crazy,” Williams said, Us Weekly reports. “The idea that you’re talking about Amber being a stripper — you’re not saying anything that she hasn’t admitted herself. As a matter of fact, Kanye, you’re the one who gave this stripper her come-up and, by the way, we recall meeting your wife on her back.”

Williams is, of course, referring to Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J, which was leaked in 2007. However, while Williams is right to call out West for bashing Rose, at the same time, her comments about Kardashian’s past were equally disrespectful. In fact, Kardashian should not have been brought into the discussion at all, as there are many other ways that Williams could have gotten her point across without belittling anybody.

Moreso, no matter what choices or mistakes Kardashian (or any woman for that matter) has made, they should never be reason enough to judge or demean as behavior like this debases all women.

“I’m embarrassed for Kim Kardashian,” Williams continued. “I’m not even going to call you West because clearly that’s not a real marriage… like why is Kanye still talking about [his ex] Amber? What kind of respect, or lack thereof, does he have for his new son, Saint, or his daughter? Why are you talking like that?”

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Wendy Williams’ comments about Kim Kardashian are harsh, but she is right to call out Kanye West for woman-bashing. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts on Williams’ remarks in the comments below.

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