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Joey Feek’s latest photo has a powerful impact on fans (PHOTO)

Joey Feek’s positivity and strength throughout her battle with cancer have really inspired fans.

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On Thursday, Rory and Joey Feek took to their Facebook page to post a picture of Joey enjoying some time with a fur baby. The photo shows her holding an adorable puppy up close to her face, and she seems to really be enjoying his love.

“….Some baby puppies came to play with Indy the other day, but I think her mama loved their visit the most,” the post reads — and it’s had a powerful impact on fans, as the image, which shows a very sick Joey still managing to be stay happy, has been shared almost 12,000 times and liked more than 263,000 times.

Comments on the post are filled with well-wishes.

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“Who does not love puppy breath kisses. Good to see that Mrs. Joey is enjoy [sic] the little fur babies. Praying for her and the family every day,” Vanessa Talamantes Corvin wrote.

“Awww, how sweet. Puppy kisses are the best. Love you Joey, Rory and Indy! God bless you all. Sending continued prayers,” Chris Green shared.

Ellen Harte wrote, “Every day from the moment of consciousness, and every night before I fall asleep I pray for Joey Rory, little Indy and your whole family. What a joy to see her with puppy kisses sent By God to ease the heart and comfort her soul.”

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Commenter Candy Provost was particularly moved. She wrote, “I’ve never prayed fr [sic] a complete stranger ,heck I’m not gna [sic] lie, I do not pray often But I beg you Lord give this woman her life to be with her child, She deserves her life Some kind of miracle in this cruel fate. ..I wish you nothing but a long life TO see your baby grow up to be a lady.”

The reaction to Joey’s recent post proves the impact that her life, and her health struggle, has had on fans.

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Image: WENN

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