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How I found my tribe in a Scott Brothers fan group

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of HGTV’s Scott Brothers. I started following them on social media not quite a year ago and noticed a group constantly popping up called The Queens of Scott. At first, I thought they were just a group of “fan girls,” obsessed with the Scotts; however, I quickly realized that wasn’t the case at all. They’re actually grown women (ranging in age from 30 years old to women in their early 60s) who just so happened to have a mutual affection for the Scott boys — amongst other things.

They’re not even a fan club, which they will all tell you is extremely important to understand; they’re simply a group of friends with one common bond. I’m not sure friends accurately describes it; no, they’re family, with a deep connection that goes far beyond the confines of HGTV and its charismatic twin hosts.

Back in November, I’d noticed that several of them had gone on the Scott Brothers’ cruise and were talking animatedly on Twitter about the experience. As an inquisitive person who craves information, I wanted to know what the deal was. I got a rather quick response from one of them that, simply put, said they weren’t accepting any new members.

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I went on my way and didn’t really think twice about it — until I wrote an article about managing expectations, which involved the Scott boys. I promised myself that I would follow everyone who liked or commented on my piece, and I did. I noticed that most of them were the Queens.

A few weeks later, I started thinking about my next piece and got an alert on my phone that one of the girls was live on Periscope. Hesitantly, because I knew that they were not interested in adding to their group, I decided to hop on and say hello. I was surprised at how amazingly sweet and welcoming they all were. I quickly decided these women needed to be my next story. I felt like there was definitely something to learn from these girls. I did my due diligence and made sure that I talked with as many of the 16 members as I could.

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What I learned was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Every single one of these women consider themselves part of a family, and many even stated that they feel as though they “found each other at the exact right time in their lives.” One told me, “What this became is sort of a sisterhood where we share personal failures and victories. Just like a family!”

These women have supported each other through sickness and in health, “We have shared so many personal feelings and problems…” They have, as any group of people would, dealt with a significant amount of problems, but have always come out on the other side with a new found admiration for one another. “Despite our diversity, we have much more in common than we realized at first — we are sisters from another mother.”

In the often chaotic world we live in, it’s refreshing to hear about such wonderful people. During one conversation, I learned that the women are, as a group, considering volunteering to do charitable work. One also approached Property Brother, Jonathan Scott, to express the groups’ whole-hearted admiration and thanks for “bringing them together.”

The Queens have even experienced their own small sense of fame and taken it in stride. While on the cruise, several fans of the Scott boys asked to have a selfie taken with one — or more — of the ladies; some even asked for their autographs. Something tells me that for these women, there is much more to come.

So, in closing, thank you so much Queens of Scott for teaching me such an important lesson. No, we might not all have this type of relationship, but thinking about it sure gives me hope. I’m sure it will do the same for many others out there. There is someone out there for all of us to love, and, regardless of the type of love, all it takes is one common denominator.

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