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Galavant‘s Luke Youngblood teases 7 spoilers from the season finale

Luke Youngblood, aka Galavant’s hapless and well-meaning (but oftentimes clumsy) squire, Sid, has given us some juicy hints about this weekend’s season finale, and we’re sharing everything with you!

First, let’s talk about how awesome Luke Youngblood is! The actor is not only an accomplished theater performer and singer (he played young Simba in London runs of The Lion King) and Harry Potter alum (he played Lee Jordan!), but a burgeoning fashion designer as well. And he’s absolutely thrilled to be playing the affable Sid on ABC‘s Galavant.

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And he’s not the only member of the cast enjoying the show. According to Youngblood, Galavant is ridiculous fun to work on. “It’s kind of unfair, really,” Youngblood said. “You can see how enjoyable it is, but at the same time, us actually being on the show? It’s so much more than that!”

But besides just being fun, the show has turned into a total nail-biter going into the season finale! Galavant has an army of awkward zombies pointed at Hortensia, in a bid to save his beloved Isabella from a certain doom at the hands of the evil Queen Madalena and her boy-toy, King Gareth. What will happen to our hero?

1. New music with a Mary Poppins edge?

One of the show’s most enjoyable characteristics is its clever, creative and always-catchy musical numbers. Well, this season we’ve seen the show deliver a lot of musical homages in the show on top of all the completely original music. The last two episodes alone incorporated hilarious nods to West Side Story, Les Misérables and every orphan musical ever made.

Luke Youngblood in Galavant
Image: ABC/Angus Young

According to Youngblood, the finale will be no exception and features “massive songs,” one of which “has a bit of a Mary Poppins moment in there.” The finale also features a reprise Youngblood believes “a lot of people will be very, very, very excited and very happy to see.”

2. A big guest star is returning

That reprise mentioned above? Apparently, it’s sung by a big guest star from the show’s first season!

“I won’t tell you who it is,” teased Youngblood, “because I want it to be a surprise.” Considering Season 1 saw John Stamos, Hugh Bonneville, Ricky Gervais, Rutger Hauer and Weird Al Yankovic in guest roles, we’re pretty stoked! (We’re really crossing our fingers that the returning guest is Weird Al….)

3. The Battle of Three Armies

Did we mention that Galavant likes to include pop culture references every chance it can? Well, it does. The show’s writers can be incredibly creative on that front, and with a season finale titled, “Battle of the Three Armies,” you can bet there will be some J.R.R. Tolkien references.

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According to Youngblood, “There’s going to be an epic battle where three armies come together.” But things might not turn out to be as straightforward as our heroes are hoping. “There’s going to be a lot of surprises in there about who’s fighting who, and how they’re fighting,” Youngblood said. That’s not hard to imagine considering there are freaking zombies fighting on Galavant’s side!

4. Sid doesn’t know what he’s doing…

Sid has been a little more than just a hapless sidekick this season. He’s been abused at the hands of Madalena and Gareth, and then there was the small incident of him temporarily killing his boss….

Image: ABC/Nick Ray

So when, in last weekend’s episode, he leaves a note for Galavant explaining that he’s taken off in search of “Redemption,” it should come as no surprise that the character may not have much of a game plan.

“I think that Sid is winging it, as he usually does,” explains Youngblood. “But um, knowing Sid, be prepared for something epic.”

5. Returning characters

According to Youngblood, Sid’s lack of planning might see him reuniting with “some of the characters that we’ve already met along the way.” Considering Sid has at this point traveled all over Valencia, through the Forest of Coincidence, and up to the gates of Hortensia, this could mean Sid is going to round up a very wacky bunch of rag-tag guest stars and extras… and that sounds just about perfect!

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6. Sid may finally get a costume change

If there’s one thing we can rely on Sid to do, it’s to wear that same brown leather doublet he’s had on in every episode… except Youngblood hinted there could be a change in store!

Luke Youngblood in Galavant
Image: ABC/Bob D’Amico

“In the finale episode, if Sid comes back,” teased Youngblood, “he might be wearing something else.” Does this mean Sid is going undercover? Might he be dressed up as a friar and singing that big reprise with Weird Al? (A girl can hope, right?!)

7. Season 3 is up to us!

Galavant is honestly one of the most enjoyable (and quickest) shows on television. Not only is it family friendly fun, but it’s also joyful and has great music and wacky characters you can seriously root for. With the real world giving us plenty to stress over, a family-friendly Sunday reprieve like Galavant is seriously needed! So we really hope the show gets renewed for a Season 3.

But, according to Youngblood, the show’s fate rests in our hands! “All of us most definitely want to come back,” explained Youngblood. “It’s all down to fans tuning in!”

Which means we’d all better tune in on Sunday — especially since it sounds like this season finale going to be epic.

Galavant airs Sundays on ABC at 8/7c.

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