Bringing Up Bates' Michaela and Brandon share their romance story

Jan 29, 2016 at 12:00 a.m. ET
Image: UPtv

Bringing Up Bates showcased Michaela and Brandon's love story on tonight's episode, and seeing their love story play out actually kind of sold me on the conservative ideals.

Of course, that ship has long since sailed for me. I may not be married yet, but the idea of suddenly cutting off all physical contact at 27 years old, well, it just isn't going to happen.

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Still, there is something so fairy tale romantic about Brandon and Michaela's journey to becoming husband and wife.

Sure, their lifestyle is extremely conservative. Brandon and Michaela have only hugged during their courtship and engagement. All of their encounters are chaperoned. And, at 25 years old, they aren't allowed to be in a room alone together in order to help them avoid temptation.

It's definitely not for me. And it definitely won't work for everyone.

But it does seem to work for them.

And the results are kind of beautiful. They manage to maintain this idyllic innocence throughout their dating adventure. But that doesn't mean they aren't in love. In fact, at one point in their long-distance courtship, Michaela even began crying when she had to leave Brandon. They're in love. You can see it just watching it on TV. And that's something that obviously transcends the physical. They've gotten to know one another in a deeper way.

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Seeing the way he had her ring custom-made for her with their initials and symbols from the Bible was also just a tear-jerker. And if you had dry eyes watching that scavenger hunt he planned for her leading up to his proposal, then you don't have a soul. Every girl wants a guy who makes her feel unique, special and cherished, and Brandon absolutely does all of that and more for Michaela. And he does it all without all the touchy-feely affection most couples turn to.

It's pretty impressive when you think about it. They face the temptation and urge to be intimate with one another every time they're together. Michaela confirmed during the special tonight that they're definitely not lacking in the desire department. But they have made the conscious and vocal decision not to act on those desires. And that's something we can and should all respect.

I admit, when it comes to ultra-conservative lifestyles, like those practiced by the Duggar and Bates families, I've been more than skeptical in the past. I've had nagging questions like: What happens if they get married and realize they don't like being physical? What if one of them is absolutely terrible at kissing? What if their connection is purely emotional and doesn't translate to the physical? Is it healthy to go without intimate contact when choosing a life partner?

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And I still think that, in some cases, those could be legitimate questions, just as they are whenever two people enter into a relationship together.

But in Michaela and Brandon's case, I think it's clear that these two are going to make it work just fine.

What do you think was the most romantic part of Brandon and Michaela's love story?