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Party Down South‘s final season starts rocky for one heartbroken housemate

Last call, y’all! As much as we wish it wasn’t so, CMT has confirmed that Season 5 of their hit series Party Down South will be the last. And since we’re certain the cast will send the show off with one hell of a farewell, we’ll be covering all the funnel-filled antics, drunken debauchery and twangy one-liners all season long. 

So buckle up, baby girls — it’s bound to be a bumpy “T-A-X-Y” ride.

Happy as a Rooster pig in mud

Over the last four years, we’ve watched Daddy, Tiffany, Lyle, Murray, Mattie, Walt, Lauren and Hott Dogg make their mark on Murrells Inlet, Athens, Biloxi and St. Petersburg. It seems only natural somehow that the rowdy crowd would end their journey in Savannah, Georgia — only a short ride over the state line away from where it all started.

And, dare I say, these guys really seem to be coming into their own. Early in the Season 5 premiere, we learn Mattie is still single and lookin’ for a “nice boy.” Tiff patched things up with her boyfriend, Bubba (who we can only assume is her second love, next to Rooster the pig). And despite all the drama their romance seemed to cause last season, Hannah (aka Hott Dogg) and Cody are still going strong.

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Or, as Daddy so eloquently puts it, “When you start adoptin’ animals together, by God, you’re about to get married.” Someone cross-stitch that on a pillow, STAT.

Speaking of Daddy, he may be single, but he fully expects to end this journey on a high note by reelin’ in some major marlins and putting them in the pretzel, naturally. Murray and Walt are both single and ready to mingle, too.

Party Down South
Image: CMT

Lyle, as we know from last season, is engaged to Santana — who Lyle says can “blow my duck call any time she pleases” — and will be sporting a promise ring all season to ward off the fangirls.

Time to call the pool cleaners again

So, yeah, even though Mattie is concerned the gang is too wild for sleepy Savannah, the truth is they all seem to have matured over the last few years. You guys, our little PDS babies are growing up!

Orrrrrr, wait. Hold that thought. It’s the first night in their new house and Daddy just blew chunks in the swimming pool. Womp, womp. When all is said and done, Daddy owes a heartfelt apology letter to the poor crews who had to clean their pools each season. Or, like, a car. A new car could possibly make up for the swampy pool funk he’s drummed up over the years.

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On the plus side, Mattie miraculously manages to thwart Martha from making an appearance. Also, Hott Dogg and Tiff have buried the hatchet (and not in each other).

Party Down South
Image: CMT

Still, there is trouble brewing over another blonde: Lyle’s soon-to-be-wife, Santana.

Lauren has apparently been keeping a secret: According to a source close to her, Santana cheated on Lyle with the very guy Lyle feels uneasy about. Clearly, things have changed drastically from the day last season when the housemates sat around excitedly watching Lyle propose.

Well, that escalated quickly

So what gives? Did something go down between seasons we didn’t see?

In an exclusive interview, SallyAnn Salsano — 495 Productions president, and founder and creator/executive producer of Party Down South — all but confirmed that would be a big ol’ yes.

“Things always happen between seasons! Everything everyone does nowadays is blasted on social media and it becomes very, very hard to keep a secret,” Salsano said. “I can’t speak to what anyone saw or didn’t see, but from what most of the roommates told us, things had been on social media for a few months that seemed… not right, shall we say.”

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Of course, Salsano is quick to note, “Who’s to say what is true or made up? It seems social media nowadays works a lot like that game ‘Telephone’ from grade school. By the time the info gets back to the source, it’s wildly distorted. I’m not sure anyone knows the entire truth.”

Tiff is in on the secret, too, but the girls are holding out because they don’t want to hurt Lyle. And, really, who would want to? He’s adorable.

However, that’s nothing a little liquid courage can’t remedy. After getting dolled up for their first night on the town, everyone starts drinking. Heavily. Because that always works out so well!

What’s that old expression? In vino veritas? Well, there was definitely some truth in whatever Tiff was tossing back, because she decided the ride home social club was the ideal moment to reveal to Lyle what they knew (or at least had heard) about Santana.

He is clearly gutted, saying through tears, “I am destroyed.” Oh, gawd, that’ll get you right in the feels.

Party Down South
Image: CMT

Prepare to have your heart pretzel-ed

It won’t be the last time this season stirs up some serious emotions, though. Salsano hinted to SheKnows that Lyle may not be the only one getting his heart broken.

“This season will be just as emotional [as seasons past], but it’s who gets emotional that makes the season stand out. This season has the craziest emotional roller coaster yet,” said Salsano. “So many ups and downs from people you wouldn’t expect.”

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Lyle isn’t the only cast member coupled up this season, after all. It looks like some of his housemates’ relationship drama may also spill over.

“Obviously from the teasers you can see Lyle is going to run into trouble this season,” said Salsano. “As far as Tiffany and Hannah go, you will have to wait and see — but what I will say is Tiff is a no-nonsense-this-is-how-it-is girl, and that doesn’t always go over well with Bubba. Hannah, as always, wears her heart on her sleeve and can’t hide how she truly feels in good times and bad. Suffice it to say, no one is emotionally safe this season.”

And that goes for Salsano and the rest of the production team, as well. When asked if anything else particularly interesting happened behind the scenes during filming of the premiere episode, she suggested it was nearly impossible to remain impartial.

“That’s the glory of it happening behind the scenes — you never have to tell,” Salsano joked. “Kidding! Not really, but it was hard to not shake Lyle and yell at Santana. We were so sad as producers.”

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