HTGAWM spoilers: Annalise’s maternal connection to Wes revealed in Season 2

Ever since the shocker of How to Get Away with Murder‘s November midseason finale, fans have been dying for an answer to one specific question: How does Annalise know Wes? Well, at long last, one producer has confirmed that viewers will receive their answer very soon. 

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Yesterday, HTGAWM showrunner Pete Nowalk told TV Line that the long-teased Wes and Annalise relationship will have some closure — or, at least, some answers — in the back half of Season 2.

“[Wes and Annalise’s history is] a really big part of our premiere,” Nowalk said in the TV Line interview. “It’s an extremely emotional idea that Viola had pitched at the beginning of the season. We’ve set up a lot of mysteries about how Annalise knows Wes, what their past is, why she feels so maternal toward him. All of that will be elaborated on in our back six episodes, and the baby is really important. It’s a great insight into Annalise. I’m really proud of it — and I’m hoping she will, too — because it was such a collaboration.”

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Nowalk’s being intentionally vague here, and in our spoiler-obsessed culture, he has to be. But he’s also being very careful with his word choice, and he wouldn’t be throwing in the word “maternal” without cause or if there was another word that worked in its place. So what, exactly, does he mean by it?

A fan theory that has existed for quite some time now is that Annalise is, in fact, Wes’ mother. Though Wes believes that his mother committed suicide when he was 12 years old, it’s possible that the woman who raised him in his formative years was not his birth mother. Did Annalise give birth to Wes, and was she forced to give him up for some reason? And does that reason have anything to do with the death of the woman Wes called “mom”?

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Still, others aren’t convinced that a direct link between Annalise and Wes is plausible. Other possible theories include the chance that Annalise was related to Wes’ mother or that she knew Wes’ mother in another way and felt responsible for him after her death. And given Annalise’s complicated and checkered backstory, it’s even possible that her actions and choices made her partially responsible for Wes’ mother’s death, leading her to feel particularly protective of him in its wake.

Nowalk’s interview promises that this mystery will be addressed — at least, in part — during the midseason premiere on Feb. 11. Surely Annalise will have countless additional skeletons in her closet even after this mystery is solved, but luckily for impatient and quizzical viewers, the answer to this particular question will be addressed very soon.

What are your theories about Wes and Annalise’s relationship? Will you be tuning in on Feb. 11 to see if you’re right?


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