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Farrah Abraham’s war with Sophia’s grandma blows up over kidnapping reports

The mom of Farrah Abraham’s late ex-boyfriend Derek Underwood is firing back after accusations she tried to kidnap little Sophia.

Stormie Clark, the mom of Abraham’s ex-boyfriend Derek Underwood, has no relationship with Sophia, by Farrah’s design — despite the fact that Underwood died in the middle of Abraham’s pregnancy.

After Clark complained that Abraham was keeping her granddaughter away from her, Abraham accused Clark of trying to kidnap Sophia from her babysitter’s house when the tot was just 6 months old in an explosive Instagram post.

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Abraham also ranted about Clark on Twitter. In posts that have since been deleted, she wrote, “@Starcasm because I’m Farrah I tried to let Stormie get her shit together and she never showed up. Derek & I had a great relationship with-out his crazed pill popping mom who lied and upset our relationship. & took my dad to court she kills people & ruins families.” [sic]

Ouch! But now Clark is the one calling Abraham a liar.

I did not ‘steal’ Sophia from a babysitter at 6 months of age,” she explained to Radar Online.

“I saw Sophia for the first time at a park, with my oldest granddaughter, Ali, and my two daughters, Alissa and Kassy. If I had stolen Sophia, there would be police records stating that, right? I have never been to jail, unlike Farrah’s family.

“Nice try lying to make yourself look good in not letting Sophia see her own family!” Clark slammed. “There might be other people who lie down and claim to like and care about you, and tolerate your nasty attitude just to see Sophia, but I will never be one of them!”

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Clark also ripped Abraham in her own Twitter rant.

This is one family feud that shows no sign of settling down anytime soon.

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