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Kanye West is in the wrong for encouraging woman-bashing

Let’s get one thing straight: Kanye West has no right to be bringing up Amber Rose’s past.

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West and rapper Wiz Khalifa spent most of this week engaged in a nasty feud on Twitter, and while most of the insults they slung at each other stayed personal, West eventually chose to drag his ex-girlfriend and Khalifa’s ex-wife Rose into the mix.

“4th you let a stripper trap you,” West wrote in a now-deleted tweet at Khalifa, before going on to reference Khalifa’s son with Rose, writing, “5th I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years.”

If West wants to fight with Khalifa online, that’s one thing. But doing it by engaging in slut-shaming of someone who isn’t even involved in their beef? That’s pretty low.

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Without even getting into the hypocrisy of West’s statements, considering his wife, Kim Kardashian, owes a lot of her fame to a sex tape, we want to draw our readers’ attention to the excellent op-ed Rose penned for Time magazine amid the controversy. In it, she takes on sexist double standards (and having regret about past decisions) as she reminds West (and the rest of us) that shaming women for their decisions is all kinds of wrong.

Before you judge someone — especially another woman — put yourself in her shoes and also look at your past,” Rose wrote. “That’s what a lot of women fail to do. They’re so quick to call another girl names, but it’s like: You know what? There may have been a time where you looked back and said, ‘I probably shouldn’t have done that.’ Does that make you a ho? No, it makes you a human.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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Do you think West should have left Rose’s past out of his fight? Let us know where you stand down in the comments.

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