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New The Walking Dead teaser hints at major trouble for Rick and company (VIDEO)

Fans of The Walking Dead are waiting with bated breath for the hit AMC series to return, and we just got a little more to mull over until the Feb. 14 premiere. 

The last time we saw Rick and his lovable gang of survivors, they had essentially draped themselves in meat curtains to masquerade as walkers. They did so, of course, not for aesthetics (outside of TWD, Lady Gaga is the only one who’s attempted to pull off the bold sartorial decision to wear meat), but rather so they could move among the undead without being detected.

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As you well remember, this isn’t the first time Rick and company have utilized this clever, albeit disgusting technique to get themselves out of a sticky situation. It’s been pretty successful in the past, too, so we have no reason to believe it won’t work again this time.

Image: Gene Page/AMC

Except, and this is a big one, there are a few additional variables this go-round… and they’re unpredictable.

There’s Father Gabriel, for starters. Does anyone trust him farther than they could throw him? For a holy man, he doesn’t exactly leave a good impression. Besides, his cowardliness has reared its ugly head at extremely inopportune moments in the past. He has assured Rick that won’t happen this time, but I’m not sure I’m buying it.

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There are also some unknowns that could come back into play as Rick and the gang are trying to weave their way through the walkers — question marks like Morgan and that member of the Wolves who made off with Denise.

And then there’s Sam. Jessie’s youngest son, who has basically been holed up in his room for the duration of all the recent drama in Alexandria, is a total wild card. The kid was already unstable before he had to don meat curtains and take a stroll among flesh-eating zombies.

Image: AMC

Of course, even if Rick and his crew were to make it out of the situation completely unscathed, we already know they’re looking down the barrel of a much bigger threat in the nefarious villain Negan. Plus, since it’s rumored Negan won’t even show up until the season finale, they could be dealing with another foe in the immediate future: Gregory, the shady leader of the Hilltop colony.

But if this new teaser clip is any indication, it’ll be Sam’s fragility that throws the first wrench in the survivors’ plan to, well, survive.

In the short video, we see Rick and company precariously snaking through the crowd of walkers. We hear Rick’s words of wisdom, telling the other survivors, “Stay calm. We can move right through ’em. Don’t draw attention.”

Then, punctuating that sentiment is Sam’s voice calling out for his mom. Uh-oh! Could this mean we lose more of the survivors before they even manage to escape Alexandria? Does Sam bring about the downfall of someone in his own family?

Image: AMC

Check out the full teaser clip here, and then tune in on Feb. 14 to find out.

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