Kristen Bell’s ‘Africa’ vacation music video got her in trouble with the law

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are determined to be Hollywood’s favorite couple.

In their last big trip before having children, the two went on an African safari with a big plan — to recreate Toto’s “Africa.” As Shepard writes on his YouTube channel, “This was our last trip before having kids. Our sole objective was to rage hard and honor Toto properly. Hope you enjoy.”

Check out the dubbed-over video below.

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When the actors took the trip in 2012, the news broke that Shepard and Bell had been “fined for dancing with Serengeti animals.” Thanks to Shepard’s YouTube channel, we now know why they went to all that trouble!

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“We wanted to see the wildebeest migrate so we had driven five hours in the car, we finally got to them on the Serengeti, we got out of the car (and) we started doing a dance for this music video,” explained Shepard. “We weren’t paying attention and then the Serengeti police showed up and they fined us $50 for dancing at the Serengeti.”

Commenters are very on board with Africa: The Sequel. The video has already gotten more than 210,000 views, and fans have written to cheer Shepard and Bell on with comments like, “Can we officially erase the old video Toto released and make this the official music video of ‘Africa’ for the rest of eternity?”

Fifty dollars well spent, you two.

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