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Kanye West’s Twitter rant gets the Shakespeare touch (WATCH)

If you were anywhere near Twitter on Wednesday you probably picked up on the fact that Kanye West went on an epic rant.

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And by epic we mean over 30 tweets.

West’s target was fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa, who dared to insult his new album Waves (formerly known as SWISH). FYI, this is the album West has described as “not album of the year” but “album of the life.”

Twitter users were shocked, horrified, confused, frustrated and highly entertained in equal doses as West lashed out at Khalifa, insulting his music, his girlfriend Amber Rose and their child.

West has since deleted every one of the 30-plus tweets (it’s a shame screen grabs are beyond the control of the self-proclaimed “greatest artist of all time” but them’s the breaks).

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However the Internet doesn’t forget epic celebrity rants quickly and a host of hilarious memes and spoofs have sprung up.

One of the best is this video of West’s tweets read by Shakespearean actor David Schneider (you may recognise him from I’m Alan Partridge).


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