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Get a Job perfectly exemplifies the daily struggles of 20-somethings (VIDEO)

Get a Job tells the story of a twenty-something couple searching for love and a job in this new comedy, starring Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller. Check out our exclusive trailer.

We’ve all been through the tough experience of looking for a job. In today’s wonky economy, having a college degree doesn’t mean a job is waiting for you, as Jillian (Anna Kendrick) and Will (Miles Teller), soon discover in the film, Get a Job. This coming-of-age comedy depicts what it’s really like for millennials in the 21st century, where applying for a job requires a clean social media footprint, willingness to start at the bottom and a drug test.

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Though Jillian and Will are in love and have moved in together with the best intentions, their relationship is far from stable. Though it seems Will is having a harder time finding work, he eventually discovers his true calling. Meanwhile, uptight Jillian gets unexpectedly fired from her seemingly perfect job and must re-evaluate what she wants out of life.

In our exclusive trailer, it seems that Jillian still has a lot of growing up and self-discovery to do. But who wouldn’t want to stay home all day, smoke a bong and play video games? It’s nice to see Kendrick break out of the good-girl role and explore a character who’s a bit more free-spirited.

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Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), plays Will’s dad, who’s looking for a job at the same time as his son, making for some really awkward-but-funny situations.

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Get a Job also stars Marcia Gay Harden, Alison Brie and the hilarious Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin from Superbad).

Get a Job releases in select theaters and on-demand March 25.

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