Duck Dynasty makes the black sheep of the family painfully obvious

Jan 28, 2016 at 1:50 a.m. ET
Image: A&E

Clearly, not every member of the Robertson family can hack it as part of the Duck Dynasty empire.

Tonight's episode brought in Alan Robertson to join the family business. He is Willie's older and notably beardless brother, who actually seems to be a pretty savvy manager.

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But that doesn't mean he made it far in the company.

"He's a vibe-killer," Jeb said, while complaining to Willie about Alan.

Si added, "What he's doing is killing productivity."

And though it seemed that the opposite was actually true, Willie still ended up firing Alan. Uh, go figure.

But the moral of the story is that just because you might be a competent businessman and part of the Robertson family, doesn't mean you get to reap the rewards of the duck-calling industry so easily.


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What it actually proved is that the Robertson guys are actually pretty rude to Alan. Just because he's beardless, doesn't mean he should be the easy target. But he probably, most likely, put up with it for the show because he and his wife have another book coming out at the end of February called The Duck Commander for Devotional Couples.

This time, they're writing about "their hard-won wisdom about love and marriage," according to the synopsis. Oh, and they'll be talking sex. Namely, Al's parents' sex.

"For all the years we’ve been together, we’ve heard Miss Kay and Phil (mostly Phil) discuss their sex life. Not in detail, mind you, but he just lets you know he enjoys his quiet time with Miss Kay," the book explains, according to In Touch.

The book continues, "God created a beautiful thing between [a] husband and wife. It is not something we should be ashamed of or afraid of."

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It's as funny as it is TMI. Hmm, sounds like the general pattern of Duck Dynasty.

I guess if free publicity means you have to be thrown under the Robertson wagon a few times, it's worth it, right? Well, to each their own.

Did you think the Duck Dynasty brothers were too mean to Alan?