Lil’ Kim wrongly attacked & fat-shamed for ‘photoshopped’ images (PHOTOS)

Lil’ Kim is rap royalty. So, it comes as no surprise that Internet trolls would want to try to knock her down a few notches.

It certainly looks like that was the case recently, when a few botched photoshopped pictures of her started making the rounds on Twitter and other social media platforms. And while that is really nothing new (people have been photoshopping pictures of Lil’ Kim for years), it is fans’ responses that point to a larger scale problem with the way women have to deal with constant body-shaming, no matter what they look like.

Lil’ Kim performed at the BOOM Bash in Philadelphia on Dec. 12, and photos surfaced of the rapper both walking backstage and of her performing — and it’s clear they were subject to some pretty shoddy work.

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As you can see from those two comments, people didn’t think twice before beginning the fat-shaming.

Here is the original photo, unretouched.

Image: Gilbert Carrasquillo

You can clearly see where the Photoshop culprit got his or her guide (the shadow from the flash of the camera) and that Lil’ Kim looks much more like herself in this photo, unlike in the two previous images.

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The Internet responded so swiftly that Lil’ Kim began trending on Twitter for a while. As previously stated, it doesn’t matter if she was photoshopped or not, people are going to comment on her looks either way.

The broader implication is that we still have quite a long way to go in the fight for body equality, and we clearly still have a lot of work to do to move past body-shaming and fat-shaming.

Bottom line: Lil’ Kim was doomed, no matter which photo was being circulated, and that is a shame.

No one should be made to feel ashamed of their body, big or small. People, we are better than this.

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