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10 Reasons Arrow‘s Goth Felicity is way more badass than the original

She wasn’t nice, but she didn’t need to be. Goth Felicity was exactly what regular Felicity needed in the latest episode of Arrow.

1. She tells it like it is

Goth Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) didn’t treat the real Felicity like some pathetic invalid who needed to be coddled. She came straight out and told Felicity what she felt about the life she was leading and the mistakes she had made. It wasn’t pretty, but it was exactly what Felicity needed.

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2. She says what no one else can

As appropriate as some of her comments were, Goth Felicity wasn’t exactly politically correct. Think about it; if anyone else had said those things to Felicity, it would have been terribly cruel. Not that it’s good to talk down to yourself, but sometimes a person needs to give themselves a mental shake to get out of the doldrums and stop feeling sorry for themselves.

3. She reminded Felicity why it’s important to be a superhero

The more Goth Felicity said Felicity did the wrong thing by trying to play superhero, the more we saw Felicity’s heart get back into the game. That helped Felicity get herself back into the lair, which helped her and the rest of the team, too.

4. She’s got a wicked sense of humor

Check out the look on Goth Felicity’s face when Oliver (Stephen Amell) was thoroughly confused at being screamed at by the real Felicity to shut up and leave her alone. Sure, the scene was sort of sad, but Goth Felicity’s reaction was still hilarious.

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5. She got Felicity to embrace her “mask”

Goth Felicity told Felicity that the blond hair and glasses were just a mask, but when all was said and done, Felicity realized the mask was the new her. And there’s no doubt about it; new Felicity is definitely better than the old one.

6. She earned some major style points

We’re all used to the new Felicity with her sensible clothes, but there’s something to be said for the fashion sense of Goth Felicity. The dark hair, the rocker-chick wardrobe, it definitely sent a message: Don’t mess with Felicity.

7. She helped Felicity earn her OverWatch code name

It took four seasons, but the wait was well worth it when Oliver pronounced Felicity as “OverWatch.” What made it most worthwhile was seeing how proud and happy Felicity was to hear it.

8. She has the attitude that all of us need sometimes

Goth Felicity was rude and obnoxious; there’s no need to dance around that fact. But there are times in all of our lives when we all need to be that way in order to make our way in this world. Whenever you feel like you can’t stand up for yourself, remember Goth Felicity’s attitude.

9. She made us love Felicity more than ever

Not that Felicity fans needed more reasons to love her, but Goth Felicity allowed us to enjoy two Felicitys at once. What’s better than one Felicity? Why, two, of course.

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10. She went away when she was asked

As important as it was for Goth Felicity to show up and give the real Felicity what amounted to a mental bitch-slap, it was just as important for her to go away when her job was done. Once Felicity was back at the lair doing her thing, she told Goth Felicity to take a hike, and that’s exactly what her dark twin did.

What did you think of Goth Felicity in the latest episode of Arrow?

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