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Ronda Rousey’s boyfriend is allegedly still married and has a violent past (PHOTOS)

Ronda Rousey apparently just made a new enemy outside of the ring.

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Rousey has been photographed lately sporting a huge diamond reportedly given to her by her boyfriend and fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne.

While Rousey insists the ring is just a promise ring and doesn’t actually mean the two are headed down the aisle soon, it’s starting some drama anyway with Browne’s estranged wife, fitness model Jenna Renee. Renee took that drama to social media this week, tweeting an apparent warning at Rousey.

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“Let’s be honest. #sorrynotsorry pretty sure we’re still married. #havefunwiththat,” she wrote. In an Instagram post, which has since been removed, she continued, “When he hits you across your pretty face don’t worry, I’ll be right here to say #itoldyouso!”

Renee appeared to be accusing Browne of domestic violence around six months ago, when she posted a collage of photos showing bruises on her arms and face.

“Probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made was walking away from this life and starting over. I’m still ashamed for staying as long as I did,” she captioned the photos, followed by a broken heart emoji and the hashtag #domesticviolenceawareness.

Regardless of Renee’s online accusations, Browne has never been charged with any sort of domestic abuse, and Renee declined to press charges at the time, according to Inside Edition.

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What do you think of Jenna Renee’s abuse allegations against Travis Browne? Let us know down in the comments.

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