Sneak peek of next week’s The Biggest Loser reveals Lauren Clark’s crutch (VIDEO)

NBC’s The Biggest Loser, the reality show that sees contestants experience dramatic weight loss and ultimately a change in their relationship with food, has some surprises in store for us next week.

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In a sneak peak of next week’s The Biggest Loser episode, we realize how tough the competition is, although the oldest contestant and self-proclaimed “fat-murdering machine” Rob Kidney is particularly confident that he is not going to be the one going home.

“Anyone can go home this week,” he tells the camera. “Except me. I’m not going home.”

But we also take a look into Lauren Clark’s journey, with trainer Jen Widerstrom describing her as “so strong” but still lacking in confidence.

Hailing from Bladenboro, North Carolina, Clark has been overweight for much of her life, and her NBC profile reveals that she was bullied and teased during her childhood, which made her turn to food for comfort. She joined the show so that she could start living life and “stop worrying about what others think or say.”

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And with the shocking elimination of Vicki Clark last week, Lauren has taken a knock, as Widerstrom reveals that for “all intents and purposes” Vicki was in fact Lauren’s crutch.

“She’s dropping weight, yet on an emotional level I don’t see the same progress,” Widerstrom reveals.

“You’ve been here eight weeks. You’ve lost a lot of weight, but how far into the transformation do you feel like you are?” Widerstrom asks Clark, who remains silent. “Is there more that you want to look at or transform that we haven’t addressed yet?”

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To find out more, watch the video below, and be sure to tune in to The Biggest Loser on Monday, Feb. 1 on NBC.

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