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Eileen Davidson compares RHOBH co-stars to previous abusive boyfriends

We never imagined starring on a reality show was easy, but Eileen Davidson just confirmed how hard it really is.

Davidson has been a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for two seasons, and she’s opened up about some extremely personal issues. In a recent interview with Jenny McCarthy and Larry Flick on SiriusXM, Davidson shared that she’s been in two abusive relationships in the past.

Radar Online excerpted Davidson’s interview, in which she discusses her experience with domestic abuse in her late teens and early 20s. “It’s just a process of feeling like you can’t live without them even if they hit you. It’s like, ‘Maybe I did something to make this happen. It’s me.’ And, as I’ve said before, it’s like, I was so afraid of being alone. I just had to have a boyfriend. I was very codependent, extremely codependent, and I would break up and I would find a reason to put it on myself like, ‘He hit me because of this. I’m so sorry I made you do that.'”

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In a second interview with McCarthy and Flick, Davidson went on to compare this physical abuse to her time on RHOBH. She had an especially difficult time interacting with her co-stars, she says. “I had a physical reaction [to the women]. It was frightening. It was frightening and I think another reason for coming back for my second season was based on the fact that those kinds of things wouldn’t be happening.”

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So what kept Davidson coming back for a second season? She felt the show was beyond the “scary” stuff, she says. “It wasn’t going to be that kind of a show. I like this season because it’s dealing with real stuff and conflict perhaps between personalities, but not that really kind of over-the-top bitchy scary stuff.”

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