Making a Murderer‘s Ken Kratz’s extreme unprofessionalism continues

Whether Making a Murderer‘s Steven Avery is guilty of the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach or not, one thing remains certain: Former Manitowoc County prosecutor Ken Kratz is one of the most unprofessional attorneys to ever practice law.

In a letter recently leaked by Avery’s new defense attorney, Kathleen Zellner, Kratz continues to condescend to Avery by repeatedly calling him a liar. Instead of professional correspondence between a lawyer and an inmate he helped convict, the letter is full of sarcasm and accusations.

“I apologize for misunderstanding your letters from a couple years ago, as I thought you were interested in being honest about what happened and finally telling the whole truth to someone,” Kratz wrote. “Since I’m the person who probably knows more about your case than anyone else, I hoped that you would choose me to tell your story to. Unfortunately, you only want to continue your nonsense about being set up. That’s too bad, because you had ONE opportunity to finally tell all the details, but now that will never happen.”

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“By the way, the difference between you and famous convicted murderers from the past is they told their whole truthful story to someone, who then wrote a book about what actually happened and got people to understand both sides,” Kratz continued. “I was willing to do that for you…but if you are going to continue to lie about what happened between you and Ms. Halbach, I am not interested.”

The letter is dated Sept. 6, 2015, which is both before the premiere of Making a Murderer and after Kratz resigned from his position as district attorney in 2009 when he was outed for sexually harassing a female domestic violence victim whose case he was working on.

The style of Kratz’s words to Avery about missing his chance to tell the truth also ring eerily similar to the threatening texts he sent to his sexual harassment victim, so it’s obvious he didn’t learn from that incident of gross unprofessionalism, even after being caught.

Even more shocking is the fact that Kratz is delusional enough to think that Avery would choose him — the man who was willing to skirt the U.S. judicial system to put him behind bars — to spill his absolute truth to. It’s also odd that even after securing a conviction for Avery, Kratz still seems to have a personal vendetta against him.

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Despite the glaring unprofessionalism, delusion and condescension, the big takeaway from this downright rude and completely shameless letter is that Kratz had obviously been planning to profit from Avery’s story by writing a book since long before Making a Murderer became a sensation.

Even worse, he’s marketing his plan to cash in under the thinly veiled guise that he actually cares about the truth of what happened to Halbach.

What do you think of Kratz’s letter to Avery?

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