Bachelor's Lauren Bushnell ring picture sparks engagement rumors

Jan 27, 2016 at 11:14 a.m. ET

A picture of The Bachelor's Lauren Bushnell has sparked engagement rumors, but could it be true? 

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She was a favorite on The Bachelor Ben Higgins' season because she's not only pretty and incredibly fun, but also a genuinely nice person, and on Tuesday, rumors began to swirl, suggesting that some lucky man out there had finally realized what a catch Bushnell was and put a ring on it.

A picture posted on Instagram by Bushnell's friend surfaced earlier this week, and according to TMZ, it subsequently started a social media firestorm because it showed Bushnell wearing what looks to be an engagement ring. But before you all go into a frenzy about The Bachelor spoilers, the picture could actually be incredibly deceiving.

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For starters, while Bushnell does appear to be wearing an engagement ring (you can see the picture on TMZ), according to the publication, it's highly unlikely that she and Higgins are engaged for a huge reason: The photo was taken in September, which means Higgins and Bushnell would have to have gotten engaged two months before The Bachelor finale, when he handed out a final rose to the woman of his dreams. Which would not only be a PR disaster for the show, it would also suggest that for the past two months of the The Bachelor's air dates, everything was a sham.

TMZ's conclusion: "A rose by any other name may be a rose, but a ring on the left ring finger is not always an engagement ring" — which means she could just be wearing a ring on the finger, without it really being an engagement.

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Ugh. How confusing.

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