The Dance Moms minis have arrived, but not everyone’s excited

Abby Lee Miller is ready to train up a new generation of dancers, but while viewers are overwhelmingly in favor of the minis, the mothers of the so-called “original girls” have expressed some reluctance. Now that they’ve seen the minis in action, they might rethink their initial ambivalence.

One of the most rewarding aspects of watching Dance Moms has been seeing a group of talented girls grow from tiny dancers into teenage stars. Now, viewers may have the opportunity to watch a whole new batch of talented young dancers grow up. Abby Lee Miller has introduced an impressive new group of little girls, and suffice to say, they know how to rock that stage!

Peyton on Dance Moms
Image: Lifetime

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When they first learned of Miller’s grand plan, a few of the main moms from the show worried that the minis might take the spotlight away from the other dancers. Instead, Miller’s focus has largely been on her ongoing legal affairs; although, if anything is able to lift her out of her present funk, it’s a couple of adorable little dancers.

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Ultimately, the new dancers were no threat to the other girls. Despite offering up a truly stellar performance, they only took second place at the competition featured during tonight’s episode of Dance Moms. Conversely, the older girls walked away with a first place trophy. Granted, Miller disappeared prior to both performances, and the minis were less equipped to handle this sudden absence. For the older girls, an absent teacher is a disappointment, but ultimately, no big deal. For the minis, it’s downright scary! Fortunately, Gianna Martello was on hand to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Peyton on Dance Moms
Image: Lifetime

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So far, most viewers seem to be in favor of the minis. Most of tonight’s commentary surrounding their debut performance highlighted their cute smiles. Several viewers also pointed out the young dancers’ impressive technical skills. The minis already have flawless extensions and excellent triple and quadruple pirouettes, so who knows what they will accomplish as they continue on with the ALDC?

The drama involving the minis has been minimal thus far, but that may change next week, when they join the rest of the ALDC for a production number. Even if they ultimately bring a new element of drama to the show, these little dancers are a welcome addition to Dance Moms.

What do you think of the new batch of girls on Dance Moms? Do you think they will stick around or is their time on the show limited? Comment and share your opinion below.

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