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Will Pretty Little Liars‘ Aria be able to save Ezra from himself?

Pretty Little Liars Ezra and Aria might actually be the first original ship to reunite after the flash-forward, and that’s saying something.

Ezra is absolutely not in the “hey, let’s fall in love all over again” mindset right now. He’s more in the grieving and drunk place in his life. Which is really terrible to see.

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Ezra actually might be my favorite character in the series since the show has always done such a good job of making him feel like he has just enough of a dark side. He’s not a killer, but he definitely has personal demons that he struggles with. And those demons are out in full force right now.

Not only was his alcoholism confirmed tonight, but so was his innocence, in my opinion. The way he got so upset with the Liars when they questioned his whereabouts the night of CeCe’s death was as tragic as it was such an amazing scene.

He didn’t deny killing CeCe. Instead, he pointed the finger at Aria, asking her if she even knew him. And she admitted she didn’t. Not anymore.

Score one for Aria.

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But then she kind of gave up on her whole “bring Ezra back to greatness” plan and just started writing his book herself.

Uh, not the way to help an alcoholic, Aria; not the way.

Plus, this whole scheme she has of writing Ezra’s book for him is probably going to get Aria fired in the very near future.

But, hey, at least then she won’t have to worry about running into Liam at the office when she and Ezra do eventually get back together.

Here’s how I think it should play out: Aria gets caught writing Ezra’s book. She gets fired and Ezra gets huffy about it for a bit. But it’s enough that it snaps him out of his addiction stupor. And Aria decides to move back to Rosewood, at least until she finds another job. Right… Ezra and Aria have a good long chat about their respective futures. They start to hang out more. She decides to be his editor and leading lady moving forward. And they live happily ever after.

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Keeping my fingers crossed for Ezria all the way!

I give them until the end of Season 6 before they’re smooching.

Do you think Aria and Ezra will reunite romantically in the near future?

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