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American Idol‘s 13 worst auditions from all 15 seasons

American Idol has had a wild ride.

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And as the iconic singing competition show kicks off its 15th and final season, what better way to celebrate than by looking back at some of the most entertaining moments Idol ever brought to our living rooms? Those, of course, are the most ridiculous, terrible, bizarre and cringe-worthy auditions ever to be seen by the judges. Check out these, the 13 worst of the worst.

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1. Mary Roach

Mary Roach had one of the most unforgettable auditions of all time — one that prompted judge Simon Cowell to call her one of the worst singers he had ever seen.

2. William Hung

Who can forget William Hung, whose famously bad audition got him laughed off by the judges… and then landed him an ironic record deal later.

3. Nick Zitzmann

Nick Zitzmann may have been singing Cowell’s favorite song, but his shaky, off-key rendition didn’t get him any votes.

4. Keith Beukelaer

Keith Beukelaer singing “Like A Virgin” in his turtleneck and bowl cut is funny enough, but just wait until he starts gyrating his hips to the tune. Yikes.

5. Isadora Furman

No list of Idol audition train wrecks is complete without Isadora Furman’s rendition of “Lady Marmalade,” which has already earned a spot in reality TV infamy.

6. General Larry Platt

Though General Larry’s audition didn’t win him any love from the judges, our hats are off to him for writing “Pants on the Ground,” a masterpiece combining hip-hop with cultural commentary.

7. Kenneth Briggs

Kenneth Briggs is another Idol hopeful to get torn apart by Cowell and become famous because of it. He went on to attend the 2007 Superbowl with Jimmy Kimmel.

8. James Lewis

Widely claimed to be the single worst audition in Idol history. This one you just have to see to believe.

9. Steven Thoen

Steven Thoen ain’t no Freddie Mercury. We’ll just leave it at that.

10. Renaldo Lapuz

Say what you will about Renaldo Lapuz’s obviously terrible voice, but there’s no denying the guy’s a star.

11. Panther Man

Even better than the nameless guy who thinks he’s a panther’s attempt to sing is the buildup, which includes taking off most of his clothes and crawling across the floor of the audition room, snarling at the judges.

12. Rhonetta Johnson

Rhonetta may not be able to sing, but she’s got style…?

13. Aven Moore

What better way to end than on a high note? A really long high note.

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