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Fuller House fans freak over female stars’ physical transformations (VIDEO)

A month in advance of the Fuller House premiere, Netflix has just released a featurette with a little taste of what’s to come. Clocking in at just under two minutes, the video includes interview clips with key cast members, shots of the table reads and behind-the-scene moments, and even characters delivering some of their most memorable lines in front of a very excited live audience. But the thing that most fans are interested in talking about? Those Tanner women look good.

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Scrolling through the comments left on the featurette’s YouTube page, a trend begins to emerge: People are thrilled to see how the women of Full House have aged.

Time has been good to all of them
Image: Netflix/YouTube

Some of the sentiments are quite warm and complimentary, expressing kind feelings about how lovely the actresses look so many years after the original show aired.

Lori Loughlin
Image: Netflix/YouTube

Others expressed their feelings in slightly more colloquial ways.

Image: Netflix/YouTube

But across the board, it is clear that people are very interested in seeing how attractive Candace Cameron Bure (D.J.), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie), Lori Loughlin (Becky) and Andrea Barber (Kimmy) look and dress in the year 2016.

Stephanie Dj and Rebecca
Image: Netflix/YouTube

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This new wave of commentary on Full House hotness was catalyzed by the release of the featurette, but fans have been commenting on the actresses for weeks. Ever since Netflix began releasing more promotional images and teasers for the show, we’ve seen more of D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy than we’d seen in ages — and it’s hard not to notice what a difference two decades makes.

None of these comments go past the surface-level understanding of attraction, but I wonder if part of the appeal that these commenters may be noticing (but unable to articulate) is how strange it is to see mature, beautiful women when you are most familiar with them as young girls. For the generation that grew up alongside the Tanner sisters and their friends, D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy reminded us of our friends. And, certainly, crushing on them as they aged was to be expected, but even when the girls started dating, the show maintained a sex-free innocence. It was hard to really conceive of any of them as “hot,” even when they looked beautiful, because Full House was never a show about sexiness. It was a show about youthful innocence.

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Perhaps, then, this emphasis on how terrific the stars look today (and, don’t get me wrong, they do!) is a sign that Fuller House is headed in a more mature direction than Full House ever did. Will the show be sexy at all? Will we get to learn about the relationships that D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy have had in years since, including all the juicy bedroom details? It’ll be interesting to see how much the series capitalizes on this clear reality. Surely, if they do, fans will be even more pleased.

Wanna see what D.J., Stephanie, Becky and Kimmy look like today? Watch them in all their glory in the new Fuller House featurette!

And for a look back on how different the Tanner family looked in the ’90s, check out our slideshow!

fuller house cast then now slideshow
Image: ABC

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