David Foster’s recent actions contradict the nasty divorce rumors

Looks like the hype isn’t to be believed. In a super classy move, David Foster recently attended stepdaughter Gigi Hadid’s fashion show, proving the nasty divorce rumors that have been surrounding him and Yolanda Foster simply aren’t true. As David himself said in his Instagram, he’s one #proudstepdad.

Apparently, Hadid invited David to attend the Versace show during Paris Fashion Week. David sat in the front row and, obviously, couldn’t be more proud of his stepdaughter. He’s what he posted to Instagram:

Unfortunately, Yolanda wasn’t able to attend her daughter’s show, but she showed her support on Instagram with a sweet message, as well.

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From the looks of things, there aren’t any hard feelings here. If Hadid invited David to sit front row at the fashion show, she obviously still loves him very much and isn’t harboring any feelings of resentment toward him. And the fact that David referred to himself as stepdad to Hadid shows that things between he and Yolanda are as good as possible right now.

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Since David and Yolanda split up, there have been so many rumors floating around, talking about how he left her in her time of need (which, OK, maybe he did) and how things between the two are bitter. But nothing so far has proved those rumors to be more than just rumors like this has. From where we’re sitting (which isn’t front row), things look A-OK between David and Yolanda.

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So many people were surprised and saddened to hear that David and Yolanda were calling it quits after just four years of marriage (they were together for nine). They seemed so happy together on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda, as we all know, is suffering from Lyme disease. What a horrible time to be alone. If the two just couldn’t make it work, it’s nice to hear that they’re at least handling things amicably and will continue to be a family in every way that they can.

Here’s to hoping they remain #proudexhusband and #proudexwife.

Were you surprised to hear that David and Yolanda were splitting up?


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