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Sophia witnessed Farrah Abraham’s heated blowout with her father (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham’s fans know the Teen Mom star doesn’t stray from confrontation.

In an episode of the series set to air Feb. 1, Abraham bickers with her father over babysitting duties.

Six-year-old Sophia stands nearby, watching calmly while her mother and grandfather scream at each other. As fans of the series will recall, Sophia has taken on her mother’s tendency to resort to anger — and even violence — all captured by the MTV cameras.

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Abraham and her father seem to be fighting over an upcoming trip, for which Farrah needs babysitting assistance from either Sophia’s grandparents or a professional babysitter.

“I have four days before I leave. If I just need to ‘x’ out both of you and have a babysitter here, so my daughter feels confident and happy all the time, then that’s what I’m gonna have to do,” Abraham tells her dad.

Her father agrees to babysit, but Abraham stipulates that her mother won’t be allowed to see Sophia.

“If you don’t feel comfortable [having your mother here], that’s your choice, and that’s fine, and I have to abide by your choice,” says her father.

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Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielsen, a Teen Mom character in her own right, have had their ups and downs throughout the series. In the 30-second clip, her father doesn’t seem to convince her that Danielsen won’t be hanging around Sophia, even without her mother’s permission. Why is Farrah barring Sophia from seeing her grandmother? We’ll find out when the episode airs on Feb. 1.

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