Ben Higgins takes a page from Sister Wives on his awkward two-on-one date

Jan 26, 2016 at 1:46 a.m. ET
Image: ABC

Ben Higgins just made his first serious faux pas as the Bachelor on Season 20, and it has us feeling all sorts of wrong.

The twins, Haley and Emily, have always sort of been this weird addition to the season. We're not even sure if Ben can really tell them apart, let alone if he's actually developing feelings for either of them.

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Chris Harrison even said during the premiere of Bachelor Live that the only reason he could tell them apart, at least in the beginning, was because one of them hurt her thumb, so the injury made it easier to differentiate between the two.

Hence the reason Ben gave the twins a special date during tonight's episode. He could get to know them both a little better and decide which twin he actually wanted to pursue a relationship with.

But the date quickly went from special to strange since Ben jumped the gun by having a hometown date early. The group had traveled to Las Vegas, which just happened to be Haley and Emily's hometown. So what did they do? They took Ben to meet their mom, of course.

Cue the first uncomfortable moment on this date.

And then, after squeezing in some time snuggling with each twin separately, Ben decided that it was time to stop seeing double.

"There's no doubt I'm attracted to them both," Ben said prior to making up his mind about who to eliminate. "But as my feelings grow, it's harder to comprehend how I could continue with two sisters."

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I genuinely think that Ben is a good guy who is searching for love. But the twin thing is just strange no matter how you look at it. Which is why it's good Ben isn't waiting until too late in the game to let one of them go. But the way he decided to eliminate Haley tonight was just downright uncomfortable to watch.

Especially given that her mom was involved!

"You've got two amazing daughters and they really are incredible in every way," Ben said earnestly to the twins' mom as he sent Haley home (or really just asked her to stay at home, since they were already there) without a rose and kept Emily around for another week.

So many cringes I'm getting wrinkles from this episode!

The girls had a good cry session together before we all gratefully accepted the end of the twin era on The Bachelor. Let's maybe never do that again, OK, ABC?

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Did you think the twin date was the most awkward in Bachelor history?

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