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Biggest Loser‘s Erin Willett moves fans to tears after spontaneous performance

Emotional songs are normal on The Voice, but sometimes, the contestants’ most meaningful performances occur away from the show. This was certainly the case for Erin Willett, who, despite experiencing major weight loss disappointment, had a true musical breakthrough during tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser.

Season 17 of The Biggest Loser began with two celebrity contestants, although one (Richard Hatch) has already received the boot. Erin Willett remains on the show, but perhaps not for long, as she’s struggled to lose as much weight as her fellow contestants. This lack of weight loss progress clearly made her emotional during the show’s latest episode, when she lost five pounds during the first weigh-in and just one during the evening’s second stint on the scale.

Erin Willett
Image: NBC

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Overcome with emotion, Willett decided to use a song she’d previously written to show the other contestants — and the trainers — how she felt. In a later interview with People, she admitted that the song gave her the opportunity to finally release her inner demons.

Although she wrote the lyrics to “Out of Darkness” several years ago, the song’s message still rang true when she performed it on The Biggest Loser. And because viewers had a better idea of the dynamics at play than they did during Willett’s time on The Voice, this stripped-down (literally) performance had far more meaning than any of her onstage appearances during Season 2 of The Voice.

Erin Willett
Image: NBC

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Viewers overwhelmingly approved of Willett’s performance, with a few even claiming that, with pipes like those, she deserved to win The Voice. Others, while not willing to go so far as to award Willett an honorary The Voice victory, admitted that her performance made them very emotional. The performance definitely generated an impressive social media response.

Toy Grandison (who was sadly eliminated tonight) also chimed in on Twitter. Like many viewers, she was brought to tears by the special performance. The song must have been especially meaningful to Grandison, who could relate to the pain and frustration that prompted Willett to burst into song.

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Willett’s performance may very well have secured her another week on the show. When the time came to vote, pretty much everybody on Team Jen agreed that it was time for Vicki Clark to head home. A few cynics have since speculated as to whether Willett will be able to remain on the show much longer, as she cannot merely start singing every time she worries that she might be eliminated.

Did you view Erin Willett’s impromptu performance as one of the more meaningful moments on The Biggest Loser? Or was it merely a last-ditch attempt at sticking around for another week? Comment and share your opinion below.

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