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Blac Chyna’s tense relationship with the Kardashians dates back 2 years

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian dating? Safe to say probably no one saw this coming.

When Chyna posted her photo to Instagram yesterday, she knew exactly the bomb she was setting off; she even captioned it perfectly for the explosion she knew lie ahead. She said, simply, “The Beginning.”

You might not be able to see his face, but those tattoos are a dead giveaway that the arm in that photo belongs to the recently recluse Kardashian son, Rob. Upon posting this photo, the Internet almost immediately began to melt down with physical and proverbial grins and grimaces about the new rumored couple.

Khloé was the first to break the silence, in her usual, no-holds-barred fashion. She plainly drew the line in the sand for Rob to cross or not… his choice.

Yikes. While sister Kylie was admittedly a little more dark and twisty (even if it was slightly more cryptic and caused a lot more Googling), by posting and then deleting a photo of Baphomet, the goat typically associated with the devil, with the caption, “this is @robkardashian.” She also posted another now-deleted photo of her with a less-than-thrilled facial expression with the caption, “My face lol…” Thankfully, nothing disappears on the Internet.

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So, we get it, the girls are not happy about the new, “unholy” union. But this is just the latest in a long-standing feud between Chyna, her crew and the Kardashian brood that has now spanned several years and doesn’t appear to be dying down.

Chyna and the Kardashians have gone from taking belfies like this:

And from taking, what is now sure to be a really awkward selfie like this:

Image: New York Daily News

To all out social media war. Chyna and the ladies of the Kardashian family have become much more widely known for their fights than their love for each other.

Chyna, who has a son with Tyga, has been vocal about her hatred of his relationship with Jenner since they officially announced they were a pair when Kylie turned age 18. Thus began their Instagram one-upping, and it has been pretty epic.

It is widely believed this photo was shade thrown directly at Kylie and Tyga, with the caption, “Loooove me and leave me? That’s the story of my life….. But it won’t happen again see cus I bought this butchers knife [sic].”

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The pair has exchanged shade on Instagram for quite some time. First, the hair (Kylie sporting her green locks in response to Chyna’s bubblegum pink tresses), then magazine covers, then who can wear a bikini better… it went on for months.

Chyna and Kylie weren’t fighting this epic battle alone, either. They both had their respective crews coming to their aid when needed. Sister Khloé often stepped up for Kylie when Blac Chyna’s vocal bestie, Amber Rose, was being vocal about how distasteful she found Tyga and Kylie’s relationship, too.

Then after a very long back-and-forth between the two, Rose signed off with this colorful tweet:

The drama might lull for weeks at a time, but the hate and shade are always there. Fans knew what was up when Chyna posted this photo, clearly trying to mock Kylie:

Now with this latest photo, clearly showing Chyna with Rob, we have so many questions. This relationship could spark one of the biggest and best (read: awkward) reality TV show, social media showdowns of all time. If Rob and Chyna are truly together and make things public, will fences be mended or will more sparks fly?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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