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New Girl‘s Hannah Simone is worried about Cece and Schmidt’s wedding

If you’ve been tuning into New Girl lately (and I hope you have because, otherwise, what is your life?), you’re undoubtedly waiting with bated breath to see how Cece and Schmidt’s impending nuptials will unfold — and you aren’t alone in your curiosity. Hannah Simone can hardly wait to find out either. 

When we caught up with Simone on her way to host the Catdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, last weekend, she revealed a surprising scoop: She isn’t in the know about the upcoming storyline for her character, Cece.

“I actually don’t know yet,” she said when asked about what’s in store, although Simone has had no shortage to focus on until she does find out.

Like, for example, the absence of New Girl lead and Simone’s co-star-slash-bestie, Zooey Deschanel. The hit Fox series was forced to make some creative adjustments for Season 5 after learning Deschanel was expecting her first child with husband, Jacob Pechenik.

For the sitcom, this translated into Deschanel’s character, Jess, being sequestered in jury duty for a month. While not seeing Deschanel every day was tough, Simone insists the cast’s happiness for the new mom overshadowed any anxiety.

It also didn’t hurt that the cast gained a new co-star during Deschanel’s absence — Megan Fox joined the series as none other than Cece’s ex-girlfriend. And by all accounts, Fox’s guest stint (which begins airing on Feb. 9) is both hot and hilarious.

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Still, as Stellar as Fox is, Simone admits being partial to another new addition on the set.

“[Zooey] is back, and we’re shooting now,” she said, “and we have the little one on set with us, which is amazing. She is an incredible mom, and her daughter is just the sweetest, most beautiful thing ever.”

Aww! As distractions go, that sounds like the best kind to have — particularly when you’re trying to keep your mind off your character’s upcoming walk down the aisle… again. “I guess it’s kind of a unique thing for a character to have had two weddings,” she told us, laughing.

As fans will remember, Cece almost got hitched in Season 2, but the big day imploded before she officially became Shivrang’s bride.

“Cece’s already gone through a wedding — and in that wedding a badger fell out of the roof, and Taylor Swift appeared and literally carried [Cece’s] fiancé out of the wedding and stole him, so I’m hoping that it goes a little better this time around. But I have no idea what’s in store!”

Clearly, New Girl‘s clever writers have a tricky task on their hands. However, Simone is confident they’ll find a way for Cece and Schmidt’s wedding to one-up her almost wedding, saying, “I’m just super, super excited to read that script to see what they’ve cooked up, because I don’t know how they’re going to top Cece’s last wedding.”

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have at least one wild theory about it, suggesting, “Maybe they’ll bring in the cat — maybe Ferguson will officiate!”

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Of course, Simone has cats on the brain. In her official capacity as host of Catdance, she watched the funny felines walk the red carpet and even presented the winning feline film, The Purfect Patsy by Mike Thompson, with the coveted Golden Litter Scoop (not to mention $25,000).

Chatting with her about the warm and fuzzy event designed to foster awareness for shelter cats, it’s clear Simone is crazy about the creatures, particularly her own.

“I’ve had cats for so long now — my eldest is 13, his name is Jake, and Frank is 10 — and I try to train them to do little tricks,” she said. “Which is kind of cool… I guess? I just think they are the loveliest things. They become your family, so they all have their own personalities and do things that make you laugh. I’m lucky to have the two I have.”

It goes without saying that they’re probably pretty lucky to have Simone, too, a fact she doesn’t dispute in the slightest.

“Dude, I swear if I could come back in my next life, I would want to come back as a cat to a cat owner like me. They’re so spoiled! It’s ridiculous. I want their life so badly. All they do is get to eat, nap and lay by the fireplace. It’s a dream. They run the house — I’m just here to serve them,” she shared.

Come to think of it, now I kind of want to come back as one of Simone’s cats.

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Feline afterlives aside, though, Simone is relishing every minute in the here and now on New Girl.

“We’ve been together now for five years as a family, and our family is growing,” she said, “so there’s just more love to go around. It’s awesome.”

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