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42 Behind-the-scenes facts about Grease Live! (PHOTOS)

SheKnows got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Grease Live! with tons of fun facts and photos before the show airs.

1. The entire production will take place throughout the Warner Bros. lot.

2. The live show will go on throughout multiple stages. The production has a plethora of golf carts that will transport actors from scene to scene in short amounts of time due to the live aspect of the production.

3. There will be 360 camera shots.

4. There will be upwards of 650 live audience members throughout the show.

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5. The audience will be a part of the show and dressed appropriately.

6. It will meld the stage production with the movie.

7. They will be adding a musical number “Freddie My Love” from the original Broadway show, which will be sung by KeKe Palmer.

8. KeKe Palmer’s “Freddie My Love” number will turn into a fantasy scene at a USO club, complete with a magical costume change that happens without any camera tricks.

9. Boyz II Men will be our “Beauty School Dropout” teen angels.

10. The gym is one of the largest set pieces and is constructed to make you feel like you’ve flashed back to high school.

11. The dance set floors, especially the gym, are coated with a sticky tack so the cast doesn’t have to worry about slipping during the numbers.

Grease Live! Auditorium
Image: SheKnows

12. Mario Lopez will basically be playing himself as Vince Fontaine.

13. At the beginning, Jessie J will introduce the show with a performance of “Grease is the Word.” She will be followed by cameras that will take viewers throughout all of the various sets.

14. Jessie J’s introduction will also feature some crazy golf cart choreography.

15. Grease Live! will also showcase behind-the-scenes footage throughout the show on Facebook.

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16. The FCC has released additional radio frequencies just for Grease Live!

17. Every lead actor will have two mics hidden just in case one goes out throughout the production.

18. Upwards of 400 people are working directly on the production.

19. The production has been in the works for about two years, from concept to live show.

20. All of the physical construction began in late summer 2015.

Grease Live! T-birds
Image: SheKnows

21. Rehearsals with the cast began in November.

22. The rehearsals moved to the Warner Bros. lot with the cast on Jan. 4, 2016.

23. There’s about 20 cameras.

24. The cameras will also have their own choreography with the dancers.

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25. The cameras will be weaving throughout the dancers.

26. Grease Live! will be a three-hour broadcast.

27. There are 12 acts throughout the entire show.

28. The music is playback, but all of the music is sung live. There will be no lip-syncing.

29. The outside set is covered just in case because the show goes on rain or shine.

Grease Live! Pink Ladies
Image: SheKnows

30. The first scene will take place outside the school.

31. The set outside of the school is the same school front that was used for Gilmore Girls and is currently used in Pretty Little Liars.

32. Julianne Hough will really have the opportunity to show off her Dancing with the Stars moves during a cheerleading routine scene.

33. The entire high school has been built out, which means the cameras will follow the actors from outside the school to inside in one seamless shot.

34. The carnival rides in the final scene will be legit, including a ferris wheel and the carnival booths.

35. The album release will be timed right along with the live show.

36. The cast is super close and genuinely seems to enjoy one another’s company.

37. The cast looks amazing and spot-on with their outfits and styling.

Grease Live! Danny and Sandy
Image: SheKnows

38. There is a good chance someone in the cast at some point will break character and start laughing.

39. Grease Live! will take a feminist take by making it less about Sandy changing for Danny and more about her searching for herself in an honest way. It will be more coming of age through the love story.

40. The “Greased Lightning” number will be cleverly swapping out some of the less-than-flattering phrases by replacing them with words like “dragon wagon” and “the chicks will scream.” If you don’t remember the original verbiage, feel free to look it up, but be warned it isn’t kid-friendly.

41. It will definitely be a family-friendly show.

42. But just because they’re making it more family-friendly, doesn’t mean Grease will be losing its edge.

Grease Live! will air Jan. 31 on Fox. Will you tune in?

grease live cast slideshow
Image: Tommy Garcia/FOX

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