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Teen Mom’s Adam Lind’s recent racist rant sparks homophobic reactions

Teen Mom star Adam Lind left fans shocked and disappointed when he went on a racist rant against an Instagram commenter and inspired others to do the same.

Lind is fond of posting updates on his fitness regimen, including lots of gym pics — but one he posted over the weekend got him into hot water.

The photo where the comment fight took place has since been deleted, probably because it got so ugly — and ugly it was. When a black commenter named Khris accused Lind of using steroids, the gloves came off — and the racist comments began, as captured by Radar Online.

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“F***ing c***, calm you’re [sic] ass down before you get lumped up punk,” Lind wrote. “Like I said, if you wanna bump your big ass gums come to Sioux Falls, SD, and let’s go.”

(The starred-out c-word is a lesser-known racial slur with its roots in slavery.)

Khris continued taunting Lind, calling him a “fake bodybuilder” and throwing down the first homophobic slur — a “skinny fat f**” — and Lind just kept escalating the argument.

“You stupid n**** all you’re gonna do is run your mouth,” he wrote. “Just remember, you’re the one who knows an awful lot about me?? You’ve been following Teen Mom for sometime now…Who’s the real f**? Haha, keep supporting my salary boy. [sic]

“I was skinny and fat? You stupid n**** all you’re gonna do is run your mouth… You won’t show… Stay behind your phone where you’re safe.”

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Lind’s comments got his fans fired up, and inspired at least one to shoot off her own racist comments, with a dash of homophobia for good measure.

“Nice tank top you queer,” one wrote to Khris. “He doesn’t hit for your team just ask his girlfriend. F**.

“Telling me to ‘shut up’ needs to sit his bitch ass back down in the back o the bus where he belongs,” [sic] she continued.

Lind condoned her comments and encouraged her, writing, “Ima let my girl take it from here, she’s cooking your dumbass just fine.”

The pic and remarks have been deleted, and Lind has not commented further on the matter — and neither has MTV.

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