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How Younger is tackling ageism in the workplace

The second season of Younger has recently started it’s second season. The series premiered in February 2015. The concept introduces a 40-year-old woman, Liza Miller, going back to the workplace by pretending she is a 26-year-old entering the marketing world. This results in humorous experience and lots of fascinating relationships.

Younger‘s critically-acclaimed first season left everyone wondering what’s next for Liza. Even if boyfriend Josh can handle the truth about her age, can he handle being in on the secret? With the stakes getting higher as work-BFF Kelsey climbs the corporate ladder, can Liza ever come clean to her? And how long can Liza and her boss Charles ignore the obvious chemistry between them?

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This fascinating show might not have meant to start the conversation of age and love in society, workplace ageism and what this means for society, but we can’t deny ageism is a big issue in society.

From beauty products that can make us look young to Botox, youth is marketable and well advertised. And as the Younger story line goes, we can see this reflected in the lead character, who has to lie about her age to become marketable in — where else? — a marketing agency.

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I think this entertaining story and obviously fictional TV show can shed light on the difficulties of aging and what this means to each person. While lying might not be the answer to this issue — even though it makes for great comedic moments — acceptance of self and where you are at is just as beautiful as pretending to be someone you are not.

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