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Charlie Sheen’s disgusting death threat to ex, Denise Richards, revealed

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are battling it out in court.

As E! News reports, Richards claims that Sheen isn’t following through with the terms of a trust agreement he set up for their children. The court documents shine a harsh light on the former spouses’ relationship.

Radar Online has some threatening texts from Sheen to Richards, including the crazy message that he would “sever [her] head.”

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In a text message from 2014, Sheen was angry about not being able to spend Christmas with his daughters. He tells Richards, “I’m looking at a picture of your parents sleeping. I had someone go into their house, give xanax [sic] to the dog, and instead of killing them, I’d rather your mom die a slow death from cancer. I am not going to do the same for you. If you get between me and the kids, I am going to sever your head, and send it to your father, and they will live without their mom, in a mansion by themselves, without their mom, and finally have the relationship with their dad.”

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Sheen is equally harsh with his daughters. He gets angry with Lola, then references his HIV diagnosis. “Mind your tongue young lady. if i talked to my parents like this at your age they’d beat my ass. Show some goddamn respect. and you can’t even come and see your grandpa [Martin Sheen] for ten minutes after he’s had open heart surgery and almost died last week?” [sic]

The texts continue: “Also not that you care, but your dad is battling a deadly disease and I’d appreciate a little more respect. Unless you have an apology for me don’t write anything. I’m moving to Mexico. Good luck to you and Sami, oh and your welcome for all the gifts.” [sic]

Richards is asking Sheen to put $7 million back into the trust he supposedly created for his daughters, or to purchase a home of equal value. According to Radar, Sheen sold the home that was originally titled for the girls.

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