Gwen Stefani received the 'best present ever' from Blake Shelton (PHOTO)

Jan 25, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton aren't your average couple.

Which means, of course, that they don't give your average gifts. In a new Instagram post, Stefani debuted what we can only assume is Shelton's latest attempt at spoiling her: a horse. On a photo women everywhere have screenshotted and sent to their boyfriends, Stefani wrote, "My new bunny #bestpresentever hi Halo". No photos of the couple on the trails — yet. It's still January.


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As commenters are repeatedly pointing out on Stefani's account, this may be one of those "for you but actually for me" gifts. Shelton also bought (and shared) horses with ex-wife Miranda Lambert for her 30th birthday. In the divorce settlement, Lambert and Shelton split up their three dogs, including Delilah, who he named a song after.

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Stefani and Shelton's romance has included downtime, from baseball games to family time, but we can't quite blame the celebs for going a bit more A-list this time. We like seeing the couple spend quality time together at the movies with Gwen's kids. We love seeing them ball out. We can be normal in our own lives. This is what celebrities are for. Gwen, congratulations on your new horse. Shefani fans, congratulations on your new pastime — imagining these two on a private jet to a ranch somewhere the second The Voice is done filming.

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