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Andie MacDowell didn’t need to apologize for her American Airlines tweets

It is extremely common to complain about airline services. Whether you are stuck waiting in line at security, your flight was delayed or you had a seat change — all of these instances are deemed as inconvenient to most flyers. However, does this not apply to celebrities? Andie MacDowell recently encountered an issue on her flight with American Airlines that resulted in the worst Twitter backlash she has ever faced.  


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MacDowell originally paid for first class for both herself and her new rescue dog, yet the moment she went to enter first class, it was anything but. Not only did the flight attendant downgrade her from first class, explaining she had to be reduced because of her rescue dog — a dog that she had previously paid for and booked for first class — but the flight attendant had no problem expressing his attitude throughout the entire process. With that, MacDowell tweeted her grievances, which resulted in an entire uproar of disheartening responses.

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Imagine you were in MacDowell’s shoes: You had an extremely long day that was to end on a flight to yet another destination. You are all ready with your adorable furry friend to board the plane for your first-class flight, and then suddenly you are stopped and forced to be downgraded to a cheaper seat. How would you feel? I am sure you are all thinking, “I would be infuriated.” Similarly, MacDowell had that reaction. Not only did she have to sit in a seat she did not want to be placed in when she had already paid for first class, she faced a flight attendant who she later on tweeted “was the rudest person [she has] ever had to deal with.” She has a right to be infuriated and she has a right to express her opinions about it.

Nowadays, we are all social-media savvy, so I am positive a lot of us would have done the same thing. It’s important to spread the word about poor services; that way, no one else will encounter the same problem you have experienced — or in this case, that MacDowell experienced. Now, the only questions I have to ask are: Why doesn’t MacDowell have that same right? Why can’t she be infuriated about the poor service she experienced? Is it because she is a celebrity, or because she has money? If you are paying for a service, you deserve that service — end of story.

MacDowell later on tweeted her apologies — although, personally, I do not feel her tweet warranted an apology — and explained that she is never to complain on Twitter again, recognizing the extreme dramatics that followed her complaint.

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MacDowell is just like the rest of us: she deserves the service she pays for. As for the unnecessary — and frankly, theatrical — backlash, she should not be treated any differently just because of her social status.

What do you think: Does the public truly deserve an apology? Isn’t it transparent that a lot of these replies are a little too extreme? Let us know in the comments below.

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