Cara Delevingne labeled 'disrespectful' after White House visit (PHOTOS)

Jan 24, 2016 at 11:56 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Cara Delevingne is receiving some major criticism for her recent White House appearance. But it isn't her political stance that has people fuming.

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Rather, it's her choice of footwear. Yes, you heard that correctly; Delevingne's shoes were apparently inappropriate.

Delevingne, who is a well-known supermodel and one of the stars of 2016's Suicide Squad, decided to use her A-list status to participate in a Funny or Die roundtable on climate change.

Unfortunately, no one is reporting on the discussion at the roundtable. Delevingne's chic but decidedly too casual appearance is getting all the hype.

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She paired her Puma by Rihanna Creepers with an all-black outfit and didn't shy away from sharing some hilariously candid photos of herself romping around the White House.


"That's athletic footwear treading the marble of the inner chambers of global power. The rest of her ensemble — a black trench coat and skirt — would have looked at home in a boardroom, but the kicks read more casual," The Washington Post reporter Emily Heil said.

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Marissa Mitrovich, a former government affairs exec and fashion blogger, agreed with The Washington Post. "I am a big believer that you should respect the setting you are in. And when you are at the White House for a business meeting, I say you do not wear sneakers."


The Washington Post was far from the only one to take issue with the ensemble. But, luckily, Twitter seemed to find the whole situation just as amusing as a normal person should.


So what exactly is the dress code for a White House meeting? Well, the White House website doesn't specify. Moral of the story: Let's forget about the shoes and focus on the real issues that matter.

Do you think Cara Delevingne's shoes were really that big of a deal?

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