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Galavant‘s zombies of love are ready to kick Madalena’s butt in the finale

If you’re anything like me, you couldn’t believe that Galavant really, honestly, truly died at the start of this week’s episode!  Thankfully, his posse delivered him to the hilariously named Dr. Neo of Sporin, who not only brought him back from the dead (after a killer song and dance number with Death) but who also endowed Galavant with a very, er, unusual army…

Warning, spoilers ahead!

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Galavant‘s season-long running gag about King Richard’s virginity finally paid off (with a well-placed cameo from episode 1’s beloved unicorn) when Dr. Neo of Sporin declared he needed one beard hair of a 40-year-old virgin.

Galavant’s return to the land of the living was a total surprise to Richard (who was finally about to get his groove on) but I think everyone was surprised when the doctor’s dealings with death turned out to include a “bitey” zombie army that he was more than happy to unload on our hero.

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Of course, whether or not the zombies will be enough to save Isabella and her kingdom from annihilation is definitely in question. Especially since they have trouble navigating basic geography like trees.

Meanwhile, Madalena and Gareth had the most awkward relationship conversation ever tonight, in front of an army of confused soldiers. On the good side, these two creepsters are definitely meant for each other. On the bad side, they’re both so bad that their mutual enthusiasm for the impending war could prove devastating!

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We can’t talk about tonight’s episode without applauding the totally awesome sing-off between Madalena and Isabella (best cat fight ever) and the epic Grease homage sung by King Richard and Roberta about their new relationship. Both numbers were outstanding fun!

But no matter how catchy the song and dance numbers, the fact remains that our hero is heading into next week’s season finale battle with zombies at his side! Zombies! And Sid, in his guilt for having skewered Galavant last week, has ridden off to certain doom in a bid to redeem himself. King Richard, as we all know, has a sword that will supposedly unite everyone, but he has no idea he has it — nor does he really have any idea how to use it.

The situation is totally dire and the suspense almost too much to handle! Will Galavant and Isabella finally be reunited? Will they win the war against Madalena and Gareth? And what will happen when King Richard and Gareth finally reunite? What do you think will happen? Tell us in the comments below.

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