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RHOA‘s Kenya Moore comes under fire for criticizing Kim Fields’ looks

The Housewives love their makeup, and many are frequently accused of getting way too dolled up. Kim Fields, however, is interested in embracing a more natural look. As you can guess, the other Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members aren’t big on this idea.

The tension between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Kenya Moore and Kim Fields has been brewing all season long, but now it looks like things are finally about to boil over. Moore has been a pretty good sport about all of the latest RHOA drama, but tonight it was obvious that Fields struck a nerve with her critique of Moore’s penchant for excess makeup.

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From the moment she joined the cast of RHOA, it was obvious that that Kim Fields didn’t twirl in the same direction as Moore. Fields’ main focus is on her husband and children, and while Moore has also dealt with family issues, her conflict resolution style and overall attitude is the complete opposite of that exhibited by Fields. These differences are responsible for the majority of the drama between Fields and Moore, although a shared stubbornness certainly isn’t helping matters.

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Despite Fields’ best efforts to play peacemaker, she and Moore just can’t get along. This was most evident in their latest spat about makeup versus natural beauty. Moore completely dismissed Fields’ suggestion about the ladies of RHOA embracing their inner beauty. Quick to recognize hypocrisy in everybody but herself, Moore pointed out that Fields wears a wig and has had not just one, but two boob jobs.

RHOA Kenya
Image: Bravo

The consensus among Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers is that Moore was way too touchy about the makeup-free suggestion. These viewers believe that Moore wears far too much makeup, and that she uses it as a crutch. Several others feel that Moore is in desperate need of a face full of makeup. Suffice to say, these viewers were not kind when they critiqued Moore’s look on Twitter.

Moore may not have the most beautiful personality, but her physical appearance is not worth trashing. When viewers criticize her looks, they simply sink to her level. That being said, it is nice to see a Housewife eager to embrace a more natural look. Just as Twitter users should stop trashing Moore’s appearance, Moore should be a bit less judgmental.

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What did you think of Kenya Moore’s response to Kim Fields’ makeup-free suggestion? Comment and share your opinion below.

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