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Charlie Sheen reportedly threatened to kill Denise Richards and their kids

Charlie Sheen’s PR campaign to make him the new, compassionate face of HIV awareness is all well and good, but that compassion apparently does not extend to his daughters and ex-wife.

Denise Richards is accusing Sheen of some pretty horrific things in explosive new court documents, including stealing money from their children and even threatening their lives.

Richards and Sheen have always had a very up and down relationship, but her statements in these papers prove that it has deteriorated possibly to the point of no return. Richards, mom to Sheen’s daughters Sam and Lola, says that despite the couple’s divorce and custody agreement, which stipulates Sheen will pay for the home in which the girls live with their mom, he sold their house out from underneath them.

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“Throughout 2011 and 2012, Sheen asked Richards and their children to move into a home that he had previously purchased in the gated community in which he resided (the Clerendon Residence [sic]),” the court documents state. “Sheen had been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, feared that it could cost him his life, and wanted to repair the relationship with his children. Richards was concerned about Sheen’s erratic behavior but did not want to prevent Sheen from being close to his children during this time.”

But Richards claims that once they were in the house, Sheen turned on them, sending horrible texts to his daughters such as, “Have a merry Xmas with your loser f*** shit mom … your dad is a rock star genius … your mom is a pus wart.”

She also claims she overheard a phone conversation in which Sheen told Lola, “I’m going to kill you and I’m going to kill your mom,” and called his daughter a “f***ing pig whore.”

In September 2015 — just two months before he made his dramatic HIV announcement — Sheen kicked her and her daughters out of their home and put the house on the market at a loss.

Sheen’s lawyer Marty Singer has an answer for everything. “The texts were to Denise,” Singer told People. “It is very sad that she uses the children to get more money from Charlie and makes it almost impossible for Charlie to see his daughters.

“Denise Richards is not satisfied that she has received $660,000 tax-free each year for almost 10 years,” he continued. “It is not enough money for her, besides the approximate $10 million she has received from Charlie under her short marriage.”

But Richards is not having it.

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“Denise is fighting for her children,” her rep told TMZ. “This has nothing to do with her, the money is for her kids. This is about him providing for the children as he agreed to do.”

Richards is asking for $1.2 million in damages.

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